Machinery renting, an attractive alternative to buying

CECAMASA renting financing

What is renting?

The purchase of a machine can often involve a significant financial outlay that detracts liquidity and resources from the company or freelance who carries out the operation. That makes one think about it very well before taking the step of materializing an investment in capital goods. Making an investment of a certain amount can make it impossible to allocate resources to other important aspects of the business. But today, buying is not the only way to acquire and enjoy the benefits provided by machinery. This is when concepts like "renting” are emerging as attractive alternatives to traditional purchasing of capital goods.

The machinery renting makes it easier for companies and freelancers to use capital equipment without having to make a large investment. The economipedia defines renting as "a rental agreement for a movable asset in which one of the parties (the lessor) agrees to transfer said movable asset in exchange for the other party (the lessee) paying a periodic fee". The capital goods renting covers a wide spectrum of machines: from industrial machinery such as milling machines, machining centers or lathes to electrical machinery, robotics, etc.

Advantages of Renting

Renting has many advantatges. Firstly, it is not necessary to make a big outlay at the beginning of the operation. In fact, the payment is divided into convenient monthly, biannual or annual installments according to the lessee's financial needs. In the case of renting, the machine is not included on the balance sheet either on the CIRBE (Bank of Spain Credit Reporting Agency), that is why it does not increase the debt ratios of the company. Moreover, as the payment plan is stated for an agreed period of time, there is an absolute control on how much is going to be paid in every moment. In that sense, we would like to point out the fact that variable costs such as the insurance, maintenance,etc are non-existent. Another incentive to chose the renting option is that the installsments are regarded as an expense, therefore, they are tax-deductible.

CECAMASA offers you renting financing

In CECAMASA we want to make things easy for you. Aware of the difficult times we are going through, we do not want you to give up your projects for a purely monetary issue. So if your project requires acquiring or renovating a machine, we offer you a wide selection of machinery and we offer you clear and agile financial solutions. As you may already know, our extensive machinery park includes milling machines (bed type milling machines, traveling column milling machines, bridge type milling machines), cnc lathes, machining centers and many other machines in the metallurgical sector (shears, pressbrakes, grinders, presses, saws, etc). In our inventory there is no shortage of brands such as Zayer, Soraluce, Nicolas Correa, Geminis, Doosan, Daewoo, Lagun, Juaristi and a long etcetera of other prestigious brands, both national and international.

large stock of second-hand machinery at CECAMASA

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