The shears belong to the category of sheet metal forming machinery. Within the field of metallurgy, shear is used to cut steel sheets, aluminum or iron of different thickness.

Its way of working is relatively simple because it is based on two blades, one positioned on the table and another located on the slider or on the blade-holder bridge (depending on whether the shearing has throat or not) then they meet and press the surface of the sheet metal until it is separated into two parts.

The shears can be manual, then the up and down movement is carried out by an operator or automatically operated as hydraulic shears.

Below, you can check our list of shears in stock including brands such as KLINSMAN, HACO, BEHRENS, Ajial, ADIRA or LOIRESAFE.

These machines typically offer effective solutions for the deformation of sheet metal and stand out for their robustness and technology.

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