The drills are of extraordinary quality tools that perform machining chip removal, through holes in certain materials. However, they can also be used for other functions, Boring machine or for threading.

In our wide range of second hand drills, we have radial, column or desktop drills, among others.

The radial drill has a head mounted on a horizontal arm on which you can move and can take various movements.

The column drillas its name suggests, has a column for supporting the head. It is a tool very useful in machining processes by chip removal to carry out drilling. Its handling is relatively simple and ensures impeccable finishes.

The multiple head drills allow the realization of several holes at once.

Our extensive inventory stock consists of well-known brands as IRSA, IBA, FORADIA, ERLO, IBARMIA, SORALUCE, SIDERIC, DELFOS, etc.

For more information or details about our drills, contact us. and our professional team will personally answer all your questions.