Technical Support Service

zayer-kpcu-10000-arInstallation ZAYER KPCU 10.000 AR

In CECAMASA we have a great team of mechanics, specialized in any kind of intervention required by our second-hand machines, no matter if it is a mechanical, electronic, pneumatic or hydraulic repair to leave the machine in excellent working conditions. We fix milling machines, machining centers, lathes, bending machines, shears, grinding machines or any other used machine from our stock. No matter if we are talking of a machine equipped with numeric control or a conventional one.

Our highly qualified staff has the best tools available such as the ballbar (a telescopic linear high precision sensor of the RENISHAW brand), laser interferometer RENISHAW (a tool that allows high precision measurement), brackets, precision rules, etc. That investment in tools allows our team to carry out the inspection and retrofitting work thoroughly and efficiently, ensuring excellent results in the setting up of the overhauled machines at the customer premises.

Our works of inspection and overhaul of used machines are exhaustive, comprising from machine disassembly, cleaning, inspection of the components to detect possible failures and/or wear requiring repair or replacement of parts or materials, machine assembly with corresponding adjustments of nuts, screws, etc and verification tests to achieve an excellent geometry of the machine and make sure that it has been ready for delivery in the best conditions.

CECAMASA offers integral solutions, that means that apart from inspecting and overhauling the machine, we also take care of its careful transportation and even making the foundation at the premises of destination if the machine requires it, so the client does not have to worry about anything, those are our projects called -TURNKEY SOLUTIONS