CECAMASA signs a representation agreement with LAGUN MACHINE TOOLS SL

CECAMASA signs an agreement with LAGUN

In our last post of the year 2020 we told you about CECAMASA's clear commitment to milling machines "made in Spain". Consistent with this line of action, in this first […]

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CECAMASA committed to milling machines "made in Spain"

second-hand milling machines

As many of you may already know, milling machines feature prominently in our wide selection of used machinery. Currently all our second-hand milling machines available at […]

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CECAMASA closes the sale of a plate bending machine in South America

casanovas plate bender

CECAMASA team comes back to work after summer holidays. In CECAMASA we finished the month of July by closing the sale of a SERTOM-CASANOVAS 4-roll hydraulic bender with […]

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Machinery renting, an attractive alternative to buying

CECAMASA renting financing

What is renting? The purchase of a machine can often involve a significant financial outlay that detracts liquidity and resources from the company or freelance that leads to […]

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Wide selection of bed type milling machines in CECAMASA

bed type milling machine

What is a bed type milling machine? The Educative Technology Institute (ITE) defines bed type milling machine as a machine for machining by chip removal which can perform […]

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LAGUN machining centers for sale at CECAMASA

Lagun machining center

Within CECAMASA's wide selection of used machinery, machining centers are always present. Along with milling machines - whether they are bed type milling machines, milling machines […]

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CECAMASA: precision cnc lathes at adjusted prices

Promo travis cnc lathe

According to the latest statistics published by the IMF, Spain is expected to be alongside Italy, the country most economically affected by the pandemic. Specifically it is estimated for our country […]

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CECAMASA completes the assembly of two bridge milling machines at its facilities

zayer kpcu 6000 ar dt milling machine

Despite the adverse circumstances caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, CECAMASA has not ceased its activity. Adhering to strict security protocols to avoid contagions, our operators […]

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Measures taken by CECAMASA to face the COVID-19

cecamasa notification

Following the recommendations made by the Spanish government to address the pandemic caused by the COVID-19, the marketing department has begun today CECAMASA to work [...]

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CECAMASA committed to GEMINIS lathes

In the large stock of second-hand can not miss CECAMASA lathes numerical control (CNC lathes). Along with milling machines and machining centers, [...]

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