Second hand machinery: a smart decision full of advantages


In these days when all the eyes are set on the World Climate Summit COP25 which is held at IFEMA (Madrid), in CECAMASA we would like to speak of the second-hand machinery as an intelligent alternative to the consumption of new equipment goods. One approach that means a commitment to recycling and reuse of machinery in the industrial sector on the path marked by the called circular economy. A concept that was born in the 80s and which it is currently in the mouths of many who advocates the rule of three Rs: reduce, recycle and reuse. The manufacture of new equipment represents a high environmental impact by consuming resources and it generates pollution. Thus, reconditioning machines is an attractive alternative and not just in environmental terms. Acquiring second-hand machinery means great advantages for businesses. Here we list some of them:

1. Cost savings

Cost savings is emerging as the main advantage when buying second-hand machinery. The acquisition of new equipment can be very expensive, not to mention the fact that several years are necessary until the entrepreneur gets a return on their investment.

However, if the entrepreneur chooses to purchase second-hand machinery, the cost will be substantially less, so their investment will also pay for itself in less time, which will result in higher profits in the short term.

2. Reliability

There is an understandable reluctance to buy used machinery thinking machines will be more prone to breakdowns. The passage of time may have taken a toll on some of the functionality of the machine. However, in companies with extensive experience in the market as CECAMASA we have the infrastructure and the means to leave the used machines with almost the same capacities as the ones of a new machine.

3. Technical Support

In CECAMASA we have a highly qualified sales and technical team that will help you throughout the whole process: from choosing the machine that best suits your production needs until its implementation in your premises, if you want to.

4. Wide catalog at your disposal

CECAMASA offers you a large stock of used machinery that includes all types of milling machines (bed type milling machines, traveling column milling machines, bridge milling machines, etc.), machining centers, CNC lathes, grinders, presses, shears, press brake machines, drills, saws, etc. With such a wide offer, for sure you'll find a machine of your interest. In our inventory we always try to have leading brands such as ZAYER, SORALUCE, CORREA, LAGUN, DOOSAN, GEMINI, etc. A catalog which is defined by its variety and quality.

Second-hand CORREA FP-30/40 bridge milling machine

In order that you can see for yourselves a sample of our second-hand machinery corresponding to our stock we present a CORREA FP-30/40 milling machine. A used bridge milling machine from the FP series, one of the best-selling models of the milling machines manufacturer NICOLAS CORREA. It is a bridge milling machine that can work with two heads on the one hand, it has a direct output head which reaches 6,000 rpm and, second, it also is provided with a manual HURON head of 360 degrees which reaches 3,000 rpm.

Within the FP-30/40 line, this machine has an extra measure in the distance between columns, 2.000 mm, and the traverse of the Y axis is 2,300 mm. Also, the machine is equipped with a numerical control HEIDENHAIN 426.


The machine comes from a tool and die workshop and, as you can see in the above pictures, after the work carried out by our team of mechanics, the bridge milling machine is in very good condition. If you want to know more, write us an email to or call us on +34 935 730 225. Our team will be more than happy to answer all your questions and put at your disposal our experience of over 30 years in the market.

Cecamasa increases its selection of used bridge milling machines


Acquisition of a ZAYER KPCU 5000 AR bridge milling machine

From CECAMASA we have begun the fall season with great news. We expand our selection of second-hand industrial machinery with the addition to our inventory of a ZAYER KPCU 5000 AR bridge milling machine (HIGH PERFORMANCE). This month of October our team of technicians are going to head for the Basque Country to proceed with the dismantling of that ZAYER bridge milling machine, acquired in one of the most important sheet metal forming industries in the area. After the dismantling, the milling machine will be moved to our facilities in Parets del Vallés (Barcelona).

This is a milling machine with a travel in X-axis of 5000 mm, a travel of 4000 mm in Y-axis and a travel of 1100mm in Z-axis and a distance between columns of 3030 mm. This used bridge milling machine has a pick-up head, direct output head, a "L" head and a universal automatic head with 0.001º acuracy. It is also equipped with a FIDIA C20-S control and tool changer of 30 units.

Find below a video of that ZAYER KPCU 5000 AR bridge milling machine, so you will see for yourselves its capacities:

Stock of second hand bridge milling machines

That purchase expands our stock of second-hand bridge milling machines, where we also highlight a ZAYER KPCU 6000 AR DT bridge milling machine of large capacities which is equipped with a double table system, which combined has the dimensions of 6000×2000 mm and a head of 0.001º accuracy. Its robustness and high performance make it a very suitable machine for heavy industry and manufacturing tooling structures. You can find more information about this ZAYER KPCU AR 6000 DT bridge milling machine by clicking on the below image:



With more modest dimensions, but not for that less interesting, we also have in the catalog another used bridge milling machine, a NICOLAS CORREA FP-30/40 bridge milling machine. A bridge milling machine which can work with two heads: a direct output head which reaches 6000 rpm and a manual HURON head of 360º which reaches 3000 rpm. That machine comes from a die and mold workshop where that used milling machine received a proper maintenance, that is why it is currently in really good conditions, either at mechanical and electronic level. If you want more information about this milling machine, we encourage you to click on the below photograph and you will find all its technical features:



Much more than milling machines

Finally, let me tell you that although the milling machines occupy a prominent place in our catalog, CECAMASA also have a large selection of machining centers, cnc lathes, grinders, presses and a long list of machines related to metallurgical machines. If you want more information about our inventory of second-hand machinery, do not hesitate to contact us via email to or by telephone at +34 935 730 225. We will be more than happy to answer all your questions and put at your service our more than 30 years experience in the market.

NICOLAS CORREA FP30-40 milling machine


Information about the used NICOLAS CORREA FP-30/40 bridge milling machine

The FP series is one of the best selling models of the manufacturer NICOLAS CORREA milling machines. The bridge milling machine NICOLAS CORREA FP-30/40 is a best-seller milling machine in CECAMASA as we have had an endless number of machines of the FP series. That milling machine can work with two spindles, the spindle direct output up to 6,000 rpm and is also provided with a manual HURON head of 360 degrees and 3,000 rpm.

Within the FP-30/40 line, the machine we have presents an extra measure in the distance between columns, 2.000 mm, and the Y axis travel is 2,300 mm.

Apart from the extra head HURON, it can also be outlined the numerical control HEIDENHAIN 426.The machine comes from a tooling workshop and it is in really good conditions, both mechanical and electronically speaking. It is an ideal machine for the tooling sector as well as the general machining, both heavy piece and large machine too.

Technical features of the used NICOLAS CORREA FP-30/40 bridge milling machine

Table dimensions:4000 x 1250 mm
Maximum weight on table:10.000 kgs
X-axis traverse:3.500 mm
Y-axis traverse:2.000 mm
Z-axis traverse:800 mm
Distance between columns:2.000 mm
Manual head HURON:3.000 rpm
Direct head out:6.000 rpm
Spindle taper:ISO-50
Spindle speed:2 – 7.500 r.p.m.
Spindle power:22 kw
Feedrate:7.000 mm/min
Rapid traverses (X/Y, Z):15.000 / 12.000 mm/min
Machine weight:28.000 kgs
Equipped with:
Control:HEIDENHAIN 426
Electronic Handwheel:HEIDENHAIN HR-410
CE standards:Yes

Need more information about this second-hand NICOLAS CORREA FP-30/40 bridge milling machine?

Contact us and we will inform you without any commitment on this NICOLAS CORREA FP-30/40 bridge milling machine. Please feel free to visit our facilities located in Parets del Vallés (Barcelona), where we have all kinds of new and used industrial equipment: machining centers, conventional lathes, CNC lathes, cylinders, shears, etc.

You can reach us via:
+34 935 730 225

Bridge type milling machines


Find below our selection of second-hand bridge type milling machines which includes brands as relevant as Zayer milling machines or Correa milling machines. We fully trust these firms based on our knowledge of this type of used machinery for the good results and excellent benefits offered to our customers.

Backed by 40 years of experience and expertise in the market of milling machines and also by an experienced team of mechanical-electronic technicians who are able to transform used milling machines into machinery with excellent conditions for immediate use.

Contact us and our team will personally advise you on the most suitable model of bridge type milling machine in order to achieve the best performance.