Information about the used ZAYER KPCU 6000 AR DT bridge milling machine

As indicated by the letters "AR" (High Performance) appearing in the name of this model, this milling machine ZAYER KPCU 6000 AR DT is the one with the highest performance: more main engine power, more engine torque, wider guides and more diameter of the vertical spindle as that machine has in both the X axis and Y axis carries rack and pinion mechanism providing it with great strength and machine reliability at very high levels.

Two relevant extras to highlight in this bridge milling machine of the brand ZAYER are its milling head, which can rotate both bodies simultaneously meanwhile the spindle rotates and the most important, is that the machine is equipped with a double table system, therefore it is possible to have a palletised bridge milling machine with two areas of 3000×2000 mm or work in a combined way and the tables together in a table of 6000×2000 mm. With those two tables of 3 meters, whereas the operator is machining, in the other side a piece can be prepared or the piece can be removed already finished to work on another one.

It also has internal cooling and a tool magazine up to 100 units. The table is of the brand Rübenach, the top-range of the brand STÖLLE. The distance between columns of 2.800 mm makes it a very versatile machine for heavy tooling sector, but is also ideal for structures and general machining.

Technical features of the used ZAYER KPCU 6000 AR DT bridge milling machine

Double table system
Table 1:3000×2000 mm
Table 2: 3000×2000 mm
Combined:6000×2000 mm
X-axis traverse:6000 mm
Y-axis traverse:3550 mm
Z-axis traverse:1250 mm
Distance between columns:2800 mm
Spindle taper:HSK 100 DIN 69893A
Spindle speed:35-6000 r.p.m.
Main spindle motor power:37 kw
Feedrate:25.000 mm/min
Rapid traverses:6 –15.000 mm/min
Equipped with:
Electronic handwheel:HEIDENHAIN HR 410
Tool magazine: 100 units
Head: CNC axes A / B 360000 positions each thousandth of a degree in the two bodies. 3 + 2
Coolant supply:Internal through spindle
KNOLL coolant supply and processing plant Type VRF 250 with 1500l tank capacity
Chip conveyor:2

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Type: bridge milling machine

Brand: ZAYER

Model: KPCU 6000 AR DT



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