About us

CECAMASA is a company with long experience in the field of industrial machinery.

Founded in 1987, CECAMASA has adapted to the new trends in global markets, currently having international presence and positive sales results worldwide.

In its central warehouses, CECAMASA has a wide variety of industrial machinery, where you will find:

  • Great deals on machinery (large number of products with total guarantee of functions).
  • New Machinery (being official distributors of important trademarks).
  • Flexibility to offer different "quality-price" alternatives of a product.
  • Quality in all the supplied products, accessories, technical documentation and transport.

Likewise, CECAMASA can offer the most competitive prices of the market due to its knowledge of the metallurgical sector, its structure, and understanding of "what the customer needs".

In addition, CECAMASA's post sales service tracks follow-up actions and customer satisfaction, offering solutions to issues like replacements, maintenance, and, machinery upgrades and updates.

Finally, if you're already our customer, we appreciate the trust you put in us, and if you still don't know us, we invite you to visit our website and you'll convince yourself of our quality.

Works done:



ZAYER column milling machine 30 KMU 6000

ANAYAK bed type milling machine VH Plus 3000