EQUIPTOP means “top team” and the motto of this company is “high technology creates gains“. Its work philosophy can be summed up as a great team who uses leading technology in order to produce high quality grinders.

EQUIPTOP produces manual grinding machines, three-axis automatic grinding machines, NC surface grinding machine, CNC surface grinding machine, drills and CNC tapping machines. Machines of smart design and perfect assembly. Each part of the productive process, from the design to the finishes of the machine assembly, is subject to a strict quality control and several tests are performed to achieve zero defects. The results of those controls and tests are gathered in reports, in that way, the sales service has a detailed information about the implemented processes and about the accuracy of the machine.

double-column-grinding machine

The entire processes are of high precision, high productivity and high efficiency to satisfy the standards required by the customers. Equiptop designs and produces versatile machines in order to meet the production needs of the customers

With the pursuit of taking a step forward to excellence, EQUIPTOP invests in advance equipment to promote the R&D. At the same time, its highly experienced and competent team not only improves the capacities of grinders, but they also develops new machinery to upgrade the entire industry. EQUIPTOP has a commitment to the industrial development and with the continuous improvement of its work.

Its machines are certified and recognized by the international institutes of certification, including the ISO9002 DNV (HL), ISO9000, ISO9001: 2000 (Bell), DNV mark CE and AMTRI mark CE (United Kingdom). They are oriented to supply the customers with the best equipment which has multiple patents and certifications.

In order to keep updated, EQUIPTOP has the goal of improving continuously the quality of its products and in that way, satisfy its customers around the world.