Correa milling machine

As many of you already know, at CECAMASA we are proud of our large stock of top-quality second-hand machinery, in which national brand milling machines stand out. In this post we are going to focus on the renowned Spanish brand NICOLAS CORREA.


Nicolas Correa, a family business founded in 1947, has a prominent place in the manufacture of high-precision milling machines. Recognized for their robustness, reliability and innovation, Correa milling machines have become a symbol of Spanish excellence in the machine tool sector.

Throughout its history, Nicolás Correa has been a pioneer in the development of milling technologies. Some relevant milestones include:

  • 1957:First Spanish milling machine with numerical control
  • 1975:Patent of the “Correa” system, revolutionizing precision in mobile column milling machines
  • 1990:Implementation of automatic universal heads
  • 2005:Development of the “Integral” system, integrating measurement into the machine

Nicolás Correa offers an extensive range of milling machines to satisfy the needs of various industrial sectors:

  • Mobile bridge milling machines:FOX, VERXA and RAPID series with exceptional machining capabilities
  • Traveling column milling machines:FENIX, AXIA and MAGNA series ideal for high precision work
  • Bed type milling machines:XPERTA and NORMA series, compact and versatile solutions.

Correa milling machines incorporate the latest technologies in mechanics, electronics and computing, including:

  • Numerical control Heidenhain or Siemens
  • High precision linear guidance systems.
  • Automatic universal heads with automatic tool change.
  • CAM design and simulation software.


Nicolás Correa is distinguished by his commitment to quality in all phases of production:

  • High quality components from leading suppliers.
  • Precision manufacturing and assembly processes.
  • Strict quality controls and extensive testing


Currently at CECAMASA we have 2 NICOLAS CORREA bed type milling machines and 4 bridge type milling machines that we will talk about in detail below.

NICOLAS CORREA BRAVA-30 bed type milling machine

This milling machine has strokes of 3000x1250x1500mm, an automatic head with a precision of 0.1º that reaches 6000 rpm and is equipped with a SELCA S4045D control. Its high-precision linear guides guarantee precise, high-quality machining. It allows you to carry out everything from roughing work to fine finishing operations. It is also equipped with several chip extractors, internal cooling and a HEIDENHAIN TS tool measuring probe.

NICOLAS CORREA CF22/25 bed type milling machine

We are looking at a milling machine with travels of 2500x800x800mm, equipped with a U22 manual head that reaches 4000 rpm. It is equipped with a 30-tool magazine and has both external and internal cooling.

NICOLAS CORREA FOX 40 bridge milling machine

The milling machine NICOLAS CORREA FOX 40 It has routes of 4500x3000x1500mm and a distance between columns of 2500mm. It is equipped with a HEIDENHAIN TNC 640 double control, with a UAD 0.02º automatic head, 2 chip extractors, a HYPATIA static loader with 10 tools, internal cooling, as well as Renishaw measurement probes. It is an excellent option for workshops and companies looking for a robust, precise, versatile and reliable machine. Its large size makes it ideal for large-scale jobs.

NICOLAS CORREA FP-60 bridge milling machine

This bridge milling machine has travel lengths of 5000x3300x1200mm and a distance between columns of 2700mm. It is equipped with a HURON head and another direct output head that reaches 5000 rpm. Likewise, it has a 24,000-turn FAEMAT electrospindle head. Although this milling machine was manufactured in 1993, it was retrofitted in 2015, leaving it in perfect working condition. It also has a double FAGOR 8065 control.

NICOLAS CORREA FP40-40S bridge milling machine

The milling machine NICOLAS CORREA FP40-40S It is a high quality machine tool that offers a series of advantages for the metalworking industry. Its precision, robustness, versatility, automation and ease of use make it an ideal option for companies seeking to increase their productivity and competitiveness. It is equipped with a UAG 2.5º automatic head that reaches 3000 rpm and a direct output head of 5000 rpm. Although the machine dates back to 2000, it was retrofitted in 2016. It has a Heidenhain TNC-426 control, 2 chip extractors, a 30-tool ATC magazine, cooling through the head, a tool measurement probe, as well as preparation for piece probe.

NICOLAS CORREA FP40-40 bridge milling machine

The milling machine NICOLAS CORREA FP40-40 It is a bridge type machine tool with a wide range of applications in the metal sector. It is a popular option among workshops and companies in various sectors. Specifically, this milling machine comes from a die-making factory based in the Basque Country, where it was used to machine dies, especially for the automotive sector. It is equipped with a manual Huron head and a direct output head with FIDIA control. It has 3500 mm of longitudinal travel, 2500 mm transversally and 1000 mm vertically. Likewise, the distance between columns is 2040 mm.


Nicolás Correa milling machines represent an investment in productivity, precision and reliability. Their advanced technology, robustness and wide range of solutions make them the ideal choice for workshops and companies seeking excellence in machining.

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