CASANOVAS bending machine - 060 / L002

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Profile bending machine CASANOVA
Model FC-03.
Profile bending machine with telescopic device.
Axis diameter 120 mm.
Wheels diameter of 400 mm.
Wheels length 180 mm.
Hydraulic power unit 10 CV.
Working speed 3-6 m / min.
Number of speeds 2.
Bending cylinders power 42Tn.
Capacity 120 × 120 mm.
Integral hydraulic drive with overload protection.
Pyramidal system with pre-curved.
Horizontal and vertical position.
Machine dimensions 1350x1350x1580 mm.
Machine weight 4200 Kgs

Equipped with:

  • Remote control panel with digital stop.
  • CE normatives.

BPR bending machine


Information about this used BPR CPS-35 profile bending machine

The BPR CPS-35 profile bending machine from our second-hand machinery inventory is in perfect working conditions as the previous owner had barely used it. It is equipped with digitals that allow the rollers' reading to bend the profile and, besides, it has two sets of wheels for bending handrails. It's bending machine ideal for boilermaking, locksmithing, structurists and any kind of deformation metal-sheet workshop.

Technical characteristics of the used BPR CPS-35 profile bending machine

Axes Ø:35 mm
Axes length:80 mm
Wheels Ø:132-142 mm
Rollers:number 3
Height axes wheels:780 mm
Inner Ø cylinder:50 mm
It can work both horizontally and vertically
Approx machine weight:350 kgs
Machine dimensions:680x930x1055 mm
Equipped with:
Digital readouts
Sets of wheels for bending handrail:2

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