CASANOVAS bending machine - 060 / L002

profile bender

Profile bending machine CASANOVA
Model FC-03.
Profile bending machine with telescopic device.
Axis diameter 120 mm.
Wheels diameter of 400 mm.
Wheels length 180 mm.
Hydraulic power unit 10 CV.
Working speed 3-6 m / min.
Number of speeds 2.
Bending cylinders power 42Tn.
Capacity 120 × 120 mm.
Integral hydraulic drive with overload protection.
Pyramidal system with pre-curved.
Horizontal and vertical position.
Machine dimensions 1350x1350x1580 mm.
Machine weight 4200 Kgs

Equipped with:

  • Remote control panel with digital stop.
  • CE normatives.

Profile bending machines

profile bender