CECAMASA signs a representation agreement with LAGUN MACHINE TOOLS SL

CECAMASA signs an agreement with LAGUN

In our latest post of the year 2020 we told you about CECAMASA's clear commitment to milling machines "made in Spain". Consistent with this line of action, in this first quarter of 2021 we reaffirmed our commitment to national manufacturing by signing a representation contract with LAGUN MACHINE TOOLS SL. We are pleased to inform you that since last Friday, March 5, CECAMASA is the official national representative of LAGUN milling machines (excluding the areas of Catalonia, Euskadi, Cantabria and Asturias).

As many of you already know, LAGUN MACHINE TOOLS is a company based in Azkoitia (Basque Country) with a consolidated track record in the manufacture of milling machines. It was 1954 when they already manufactured the first universal milling machine of the LAGUN brand. Much has happened since then and the company has managed to develop all its technological and creative potential to design highly reliable milling machines with an excellent quality-price ratio recognized in the competitive machine tool sector. Not in vain do they have to their credit more than 60 years of history that guarantee their know-how and their ability to adapt to an increasingly demanding market that demands new milling solutions.


In the wide catalog of LAGUN milling machines we find bed type milling machines, cross moving column milling machines, as well as moving column milling machines.

Within the modality of bed type milling machines, LAGUN has the series BM and BM-RT.

The BM series comprises four models ranging from 2000mm to 5000mm of X-axis travel. However, all four models have a travel of 1300mm across (Y-axis) and 1500mm vertically, with the possibility of reach up to 2000 mm in the Z axis as an option. In their standard version, all these models are equipped with a 3000 rpm head, but at the customer's request, it can be equipped with a head that reaches 4000 or even 6000 rpm.

On the other hand, the BM-RT series is presented in two versions, the BM2 RT, with travels of 2000x1300x1500 mm. On the other hand, the BM3 RT version has travels of 3000x1300x1500 mm.

In the category of moving column and fixed table milling machine,LAGUN has 6 models in its catalog: CM 4, CM 5, CM 6, CM 8, CM 10 and CM 12. The digit marks the length in meters of the X-axis travel. So the CM 4 mobile column milling machine has a 4000 mm travel in X axis, the CM 5 of 5000 mm and so on up to the CM 12 which reaches 12000 mm. On the other hand, all the models have a travel of 1300 mm in transversal and 1500 mm in vertical, although optionally it can reach 2000 mm. In the standard version of these models, the head reaches 3000 rpm, although it can be equipped with one that reaches 4000 or even 6000 revolutions.

And, finally, the section on moving column milling machines is subdivided into three categories: cross moving column milling machines corresponding to the TM series, cross moving column milling machines (Turning) under the TM-T series nomenclature, and MM series moving milling machines.

Todas estas modalidades de fresadoras LAGUN son altamente personalizables al contar con una larga lista de extras opcionales. Opciones que permiten que la máquina se adapte a las necesidades productivas del comprador y que cada euro invertido en su compra valga la pena.


Among the customizable options, we would like to highlight the following:

Head customization. LAGUN offers its customers 4 types of heads depending on their needs.

The LU A head is an automatic universal head every 2.5º and option every 1º in both bodies. The positioning of the bodies is controlled with two encoders. The head can be chosen in its 3000 or 4000 rpm mode.

The LO 40 head is an automatic orthogonal head every 1º in the two bodies. 0.003º with Hirth double tooth differential system. The positioning of the bodies is controlled with two encoders. The head reaches a speed of 3000 rpm (cooling the head 4000 rpm).

The LU HS head is an automatic universal head every 2.5º and option every 1º in both bodies. The head is cooled by recirculation of cooled oil. The flow varies depending on the revolutions at which it is turning. It reaches 6000 rpm.

The LU 40 head is an automatic universal head every 1º in the two bodies. 0.003º with Hirth double tooth differential system. The positioning of the bodies is controlled with two encoders. 3000 rpm (cooling the head 5000). With the option of preparing the heads for automatic head change in the L series.

Another of the notable extras is the choice of tool changer. LAGUN offers the possibility of installing a 24-unit drum-type tool magazine or a chain-type tool magazine of 40 or 60 units on your machines.

Also all its models contemplate the possibility of instaling a chip conveyor.

On the other hand, some models are capable of being equipped with rotary tables or with rotary-sliding tables upon request.

Also, some models may be equipped with frontal and sides guarding, perimetral guarding or even full enclosure.

If you click on the catalog image you can download it in pdf format. In this way you will be able to see for yourself the many possibilities that lagun milling machines offer you. Lagun which by the way and by way of anecdote means “friend” in Basque. And is that a lagun milling machine can be your best ally to achieve your professional goals.

Lagun milling machines catalog cover


Don't hesitate any longer and contact us to learn more about these milling machines. At CECAMASA, as official representatives of the brand, we will be happy to answer all your questions. Write us an email at cecamasa@cecamasa.com or call us at +34 935 730 225.

CECAMASA sells a DAEWOO MYNX 540 machining center in Barcelona


During the last weeks, our team of technicians have been working thoroughly on the overhauling of a second-hand vertical machining center sold to a company based in Barcelona. It is a DAEWOO machining center model MYNX 540 equipped with FANUC control which increases the number of machines of our customer. An industrial supply company with over 80 years of experience in the market. The key of its success lies in combining technology and experience, as they have their own engineering department. We feel really honored that companies with such a proven track record in the market place their trust in us. But it comes as no surprise, as in CECAMASA we have a vast selection of second-hand machining centers in our warehouse placed in the city of Parets del Vallés (Barcelona). Within our selected range we have models of brands such as LAGUN, KONDIA, AWEA, DECKEL MAHO or DAEWOO. All of them brands of machining centers of great prestige, in the domestic market as well as in the international one.


Daewoo is a Korean brand which is well-known in the segment of economical machinery of great performance. In the specific case of the DAEWOO MYNX 540 machining center we would like to highlight the fact that, although it presents a longitudinal traverse of 1,000 mm, the table area achieves 1,200 mm. Taking into account that plus the fact that the Z-axis travel is 625 mm, we are in front a machine that does not present the standard 500 mm in vertical. Its 8,000 rpm and its internal coolant supply, make this machine a very versatile and useful machine, especially for the mold and die sector of small size. Moreover, this second-hand machining center has a RANDOM tool changer of 24 units and it is equipped with a numerical control FANUC 21 iM digital.


Sticking to our usual plan of tasks, the DAEWOO MYNX 540 machining center has been previously checked thoroughly by our team of experts before proceeding with its sale. When in CECAMASA we buy a used machining center, our team of mechanics dismantles and checks it carefully in order to detect if a spare part needs to be repaired or replaced. Further to that diagnose, the needed actions are carried out and, of course, the geometry of the machine is tested to determine the degree of accuracy. All these steps are followed with the pursuit of ensuring that the second-hand machining center has the best possible quality, the closest to a new machining center. In this specific case, at mechanical level in this DAEWOO MYNX 540 machining center the bearings have been changed in all the axes,the spindles have been prestressed, the screw balls have been replaced and the turcite of the bed ways has been adjusted. All of it has been done in order to achieve correct accuracy degrees. Furthermore, the machine has been cleaned and painted and it looks as you can see in the below picture.


For further information about our range of second-hand machining centers, contact us. Write us an email to ventas@cecamasa.com or phone us at +34 935 730 225. We will be delighted to answer all your questions and we will advice you on the best possible way.

CECAMASA: second-hand technological machines for the Industry 4.0


If in the latest post of 2019, in CECAMASA we spoke of the second-hand machinery as a smart and more sustainable alternative against the purchase of new equipment goods, in this year 2020 that has just begun, we would like to talk about the competitiveness of the second-hand machinery in the frame of the industry 4.0.

When we think of second hand machinery to more than one can cross their mind the image of obsolete machines with scarce competitive value for the market. This statement is not true any longer, at least for us, as in CECAMASA we have a stock of second hand machines highly technological able to offer great results in the current context that has been named by the experts as “the fourth industrial revolution”. In CECAMASA we have second hand tool-machines which offer multifunction solutions that allow to carry out multiple machining operations in a single machine. This concentration of tasks in a unique machine means a reduction of cycle times, as well as remarkable cost savings and, as a consequence, a better production efficiency.

We present below some of our highly technological machines of great performance which are available for sale. Machines, that as you will see, are very attractive for an industry that bets on the automation of processes:

1.- DECKEL MAHO DMU 80 P hi-dyn vertical machining center of 5 axes.

This second hand machining center was the subject of our latest post. It is the most recent addition to our vast stock of used machining centers. This technological machine of 5 continuous axes of the well-known German brand DECKEL MAHO stands out for its high accuracy and its perfect finishes. Equipped with a control HEIDENHAIN iTNC-530, it presents a traverse of 800 mm (X-axis), 700 mm (Y-axis) and 600 mm (Z-axis). Moreover, it has a rotary table of 630 mm diameter which is able to support a work piece of 600 kilos. The rotary table (C-axis) allows to make machining operations on the 360,000 positions 5 continuous axes. Furthermore, it has a head (A-axis) with +45º and -30º tilt. Plus, it is fully equipped. For further details, we encourage you to read our post: "CECAMASA adds a 5-axis DECKEL MAHO DMU 80 P hi-dyn to its second hand machinery stock

2.- DOOSAN PUMA MX 2500 LST multitasking cnc lathe of 9 axes

The DOOSAN PUMA MX 2500 LST lathe is a used cnc lathe which stands out for being a multitasking machine with 9 axes. Equipped with a FANUC 18i-TB control, as well as with a hydraulic chuck, spindle and subspindle, milling head, turret with motorized tool, tool changer of 40 units and chip conveyor. Its high technological component makes this machine capable of performing multiple tasks on the work piece without changing the machine. That means not only time saving as loads and unloads from other machines are not involved, but also it means a space saving in the work place. The entrepreneur doesn't need several machines that occupy a space in their premises, as one single machine can perform several operations. As a picture is worth a thousand words, we encourage you to watch a video with this cnc lathe, in that way, you will see for yourself the remarkable capacities of this machine:

3.- ZAYER 30 KCU 16000 AR traveling column milling machine

This second hand ZAYER 30 KCU 16000 AR milling machine is the top model within the traveling column milling machines range of the manufacturer ZAYER. In fact, the letters that appear at the end of its name, "AR" stand for "Alto Rendimiento" in Spanish, that it could be translated into English as "High Performance". Once more, we are talking of a technological machine, in that case it is equipped with a pick-up heads with the famous ZAYER head that allows to move the two bodies A and B simultaneously. Its technological equipment along with its generous traverses: 16,000 mm in X-axis, 1,500 mm in Y-axis and 3,500 in Z-axis, make it an ideal milling machine for the wind energy sector, the rail industry, the petrochemical sector and for the machining of big structures in general. If you want to know more about its technical features, we recommend you to have a look at its technical data sheet.

Pick-up of heads ZAYER 16000 AR traveling milling machine

Those three machines are just a few examples of our wide stock of second-hand machinery. Ideal second-hand machines for an industry which bets on the optimization of the available resources. In the frame of the industry 4.0 the highly technological component has arrived to the machinery world to allow buyers and end-users to take advantage of the automation of processes with the purpose of speed them up and save costs. There is a clear desire from the industry to bet on the multifunctionality, the flexible automation and the human factor has to be discharge of the heavy work in order to focus on the control and use of the machines of great capacities.

If you want more information about our stock of second hand machinery, do not hesitate to contact us. Drop us an email to ventas@cecamasa.com or call us at +34 935 730 225. Our team will be delighted to answer all your questions and advice in the best possible way.

CECAMASA adds a 5-axis DECKEL MAHO DMU 80 P hi-dyn to its second hand machinery stock

5-axis DECKEL MAHO DMU 80 P hi-dyn machining center

In CECAMASA we close 2019 increasing our used machinery stock with a 5-axis DECKEL MAHO machining center a second-hand one. We are specifically talking of the model DMU 80 P hi-dyn. We can't imagine a better way to end up this year than adding to our inventory such a technological machine of that quality and great prestige. This machining center of high performance comes from the company PORSCHE,the hugely popular German manufacturer of luxury cars. That machine was used at the prototype department of R&D, therefore, it has not suffered the wear that usually comes with big productions.

As you know, the machining centers allow to carry out lots of machining operations from designs of computerized numeric control. Its main advantage is its high speed of production and its uniformity in the finish. In that sense, the German brand DECKEL MAHO stands out for its high accuracy and its perfect finishes. Needless to say that we are talking of a 5-axis continuous technological machine.


This is a vertical machining center equipped with a numerical control HEIDENHAIN iTNC-530. It has a rotary table of 630 mm diameter with a max allowed weight up to 600 kilos. It has a longitudinal traverse (X-axis) of 800 mm, a cross traverse (Y-axis) and a vertical traverse (Z-axis) of 600 mm. The head (A-axis) with +45º and at -30º tilt. Moreover, the rotary table (C-axis) allows to perform machining operations in 360,000 positions 5-axis continuous.

This DECKEL MAHO machining center It is provided with an ISO cone 50, making it a heavy machine at 8,000 rpm.

This machine is fully-equipped, as it includes a tool changer of 120 units, internal cutting oil with paper filter, temperature controller of the make KNOLL, chip conveyor, workpiece measurement system Laser BLUM and OMP60 optical transmission probe Renishaw, just to name a few of its accessories.


Its technical features, along with its excellent accessories, make of this second-hand 5-axis machining center an ideal machine for the aeronautics sector, automotive sector and the machining of high accuracy in general.

If you want to know more about this second hand DECKEL MAHO machining center, write us an email to ventas@cecamasa.com or call us on +34 935 730 225. Our team will be more than happy to answer all your questions and put at your disposal our experience of over 30 years in the market.

CECAMASA exhibits a LAGUN L-1600 machining center at their facilities

LAGUN L1600 machining center - CECAMASA

We begin this November with great news. If in our latest post of September we congratulated ourselves on closing ties with our collaborators at the EMO trade show of Hannover, this November CECAMASA is back in the news, in this case, for our collaboration with the company LAGUN MACHINERY. CECAMASA, in good tune with the company set up in the Basque Country, will allocate a showroom space to the exhibition of a new machining center of the brand LAGUN, model L 1600. The machining centers of the brand LAGUN are machines of high quality and reliability, whose main advantage lies without any doubt in their speed of production.


The model that CECAMASA will exhibit, the machining center LAGUN L 1600, is equipped with the latest version of the Heidenhain control, the Heidenhain TNC-640, internal coolant supply of 20 bar and chip conveyor. It presents a longitudinal traverse (X-axis) of 1620 mm, a cross traverse (Y-axis) of 700 mm and a vertical traverse (Z-axis) of 640 mm. Moreover, its working table has a size of 1700x620 mm. The standard speed range of that model reaches the 8,000 rpm, although the customer can go for an updrading and increase up to 10,000, 12,000 or even 15,000 rpm depending on your productive needs. In fact, the model we are exhibiting in CECAMASA reaches 10,000 rpm. In all head versions it has an automatic coolant system by oil. Another option that can be chosen by the buyer is the possibility that the machining center has a tool changer of 40 units, the standard version has one of 30 tools. The accuracy of the LAGUN L1600 machining center is ±0.005 mm. Finally, we would like to inform you that the size of the machine is 3800x3040x2900 mm and a net weight of 11,000 kgs.

Its technical features and its great versatility make this LAGUN L 1600 machining center an ideal machine for the die and mould sector, aeronautics and machining workshop in general.


If you want more details about this LAGUN L-1600 machining center or, even better, if you want to schedule a visit to watch it in situ at our premises based in Parets del Vallès (Barcelona), drop us an email to cecamasa@cecamasa.com or give us a call on +34 935 730 225. The team of CECAMASA will be delighted to answer all your questions and show you that LAGUN machining center of high performance.

AWEA SP-3016 machining center


Technical features of the used AWEA SP-3016 gantry machining center

Table:3260 x 1500 mm
Max weight on table:10.000 Kgs
X-axis traverse:3060 mm
Y-axis traverse:1600 mm
Z-axis traverse:760 mm
Milling head model:Automatic 90º
Spindle taper:ISO-50
Spindle speed:6000 r.p.m.
Spindle motor:22 kW
Machine weight:23.600 kgs
Equipped with:
Control:HEIDENHAIN 426
Electronic Handwheel:HR410
Tool Changer:32 tools
Chip conveyor:3 (two longitudinal and one transversal)
CE enclosure:Yes

Need more information about this second-hand AWEA SP-3016 machining center?

Contact us and we will inform you without any commitment on this AWEA SP-3016 machining center. Please feel free to visit our facilities located in Parets del Vallés (Barcelona), where we have all kinds of new and used industrial machinery: Conventional milling machines, cnc milling machines, conventional lathes, cnc lathes, grinders, etc.

You can reach us via:

+34 935 730 225

LAGUN L 5AX-320 5 axes simultaneous machining center




CECAMASA closes ties with its collaborators in the EMO 2019

CECAMASA at the EMO 2019

Our manager, José Vila, has traveled to Hannover (Germany) to attend the most important fair of the metallurgical sector and which constitutes a world reference in this field, the EMO 2019. A “must” for all those professionals who use industrial machinery and who want to keep updated on the latest innovations of the sector. That event covers all the spectrum of new machinery linked to metallurgy: from cutting tool-machines and sheet metal forming machines, industrial electronic, automation of production processes to accessories and precision tools. The motto of this edition "EMO HANNOVER 2019. The world of metalworking” defines perfectly well the scope of this fair. The EMO embodies a whole micro-universe where solutions for any production need are presented and where leading brands and visitors from around the world meet up for 6 days. Among the 2226 exhibitors who came to the EMO and who were distributed in 17 pavillions, we would like to outline the booth of JUARISTI. As most of you know, in CECAMASA we are focused for almost four decades on buyind and selling second-hand machinery, but we actively cooperate as well with well-known brands of new machinery such as JUARISTI. JUARISTI is a company which is set up in the Basque Country and which is specialized in the design and manufacture of machining solutions. Juaristi catalog has a wide range of milling machines, boring machines and multifunction machining centers. Their machines stand out for their robustness, reliability and accuracy, features that in CECAMASA we consider of the utmost importance in order to offer optimal solutions to our customers to cover their needs.


Within the Juaristi catalog, we would like to outline two series of traveling column milling machines: the MX series which is described by Juaristi staff as a "Premium solution", equipped with central head and the ML series with side head. Both of them offer great performance and are ideal of sectors such as the aeronautics, energy, railway, naval and moulds and dies.

However, just remind you that if your budget is more humble and you are more willing to bet for second hand machinery without having to renounce to excellent results, in CECAMASA we can offer you alternatives. Currently, we have in our stocklist a ZAYER 30 KCU 16000 AR travelling column machine with such travels of 16,000x1,500x3,500mm that make of it an ideal machine for the machining of heavy and big pieces. It is a second hand milling machine very suitable for sectors such as the energy, railway, petrochemical and machining of big structures in general. In our website you will find detailed information on the specifications and extras of that machine or, if you prefer, send us an email to the following address cecamasa@cecamasa.com or phone us at +34 935 730 225 and we will more than happy to answer all your questions.

Second-hand ZAYER 30 KCU 16000 AR traveling column milling machine

Second-hand ZAYER 30 KCU 16000 AR traveling column milling machine

CECAMASA will attend the EMO Hannover in September

Logo EMO Hannover Fair 2019

Summer is a good time to recharge batteries and come back with renewed energies to face new challenges. Back from our holidays and in the final round of the summer time, CECAMASA has once more an unavoidable appointment in the calendar: the EMO which will take place in the city of Hannover (Germany) from 16th to 21st September. The EMO trade fair is without any doubt the most important event within the metalwork industry. This world leading fair gathers the biggest innovations in the metalurgical sector. According to its official website, 2,226 exhibitors from up to 44 countries will be present at the show distributed in more than 180,000 square meters divided into 17 pavilions. Quite impressive figures. The EMO of Hannover represents a meeting point of highly qualified professionals from areas like the automative industry, aerospace, machinery manufacturing, optics or the metal processing industry. That is the reason why CECAMASA will be present with the brands we cooperate with: the brand LAGUN as an exponent of machining centers. JUARISTI with traveling column milling machines, bed type milling machines and boring machines. EQUIPTOP with tangential grinding machines. FOUR STAR bridged milling machines and machining centers bridge. And this only in the section of metal removal. In the section of sheet metal forming, will be present our brands FACCIN, as leading manufacturer of cylinders for bending sheet metal and KLINSMAN, manufacturer of shears and press brake machines.

CECAMASA will come with highly qualified staff who will be happy to address the concerns of new and returning customers. As usual, CECAMASA puts at your disposal a wide range of possibilities to suit your production needs either with new and second-hand machinery. As many of you know, we are experts in all types of milling machines (bed type milling machine, bridge miling machine, traveling column milling machine), machining centers and cnc lathes.

If you want to book an appointment with our commercial agents, do not hesitate to contact us.

Hope to see you at EMO!

CECAMASA expands its stock of second-hand machining centers


In CECAMASA, the machining centers feature prominently in our stock of used machinery, along with second-hand cnc milling machines and second-hand cnc lathes. Machining centers are highly versatile machine tools that offer excellent results as they speed up the production process and allow to achieve better finishes.

Given the high performance of machining centers, in CECAMASA we have a large number of used vertical machining centers available for sale. Specifically this week, two LAGUN L-1000 machining centers have expanded our range of second-hand machining centers. With the addition of these two LAGUN centers, we have reached 3 references in catalog of this brand. We have a second-hand machining center LAGUN L-1000 from 2011 with the following traverses 1020x510x510mm, with taper cone ISO BT-40 which reaches 8,000 rpm, equipped with HEIDENHAIN iTNC 530 and prepared for a fourth axis. To this machine, it must be added to our inventory of used machinery the two used LAGUN L-1000 machining centers from 2014, delivered this week to our main warehouse located in the city of Parets del Vallés (Barcelona). Those second-hand machining centers present the following traverses 1030x530x540 mm, taper cone ISO BT-40 which reaches 8,000 rpm and each of them is equipped with HEIDENHAIN iTNC 530. Those latest second-hand machining centers added to our inventory, have a tool changer of 24 tools, chip conveyor, they are prepared for 4th axis and they are equipped with a vice. As a picture is worth a thousand words, please find below a video of one of the LAGUNL-1000 machining center added to our used machinery stock, in that way you will check for yourselves that they are in excellent conditions:

LAGUN machining centers are widely accepted in the market and they are characterized by a high rigidity of its structure, compact and ergonomic design and, above all, their production speed.

We also have in stock other brands, we would like to outline the DAHLIH MCV 1450 machining center, one of the best machines manufactured in Taiwan. It presents some traverses of 1450x750x750 mm and has an ISO 50 cone which reaches up to 6,000 rpm. This used DAHLIH machining center is equipped with internal cooling, chip conveyor and a chain tool changer of 32 tools. The machine has been completely revised and retrofitted by our team of technicians and it is in a state of immediate delivery.

We have also available for sale two machining centers of the brand DAEWOO: DAEWOO MYNX 500 machining center and the DAEWOO MYNX 540 machining center. DAEWOO (DOOSAN) is undoubtedly a Korean brand with great prestige in the segment of high-performance economic machine. Both machining centers, the DAEWOO MYNX 500 as well as the DAEWOO MYNX 540, are very versatile machines thanks to its 8,000 rpm and their internal cooling. They are particularly suitable for the fields of general machining, the mold and the small tooling.

Finally, we would like to tell you that now we have a KONDIA B-1050 machining center under revision and retrofitting works. We hope to give you shortly more news about this machine, which I have no doubt it will be of your interest. Not surprisingly, Kondia is one of the most established brands in the workshops of the Spanish geography.

If you're looking for used machining center, contact us and we will offer you our experience of over 30 years in the sector of used machinery to advise you in the best possible way.