CECAMASA: second-hand technological machines for the Industry 4.0


If in the latest post of 2019, in CECAMASA we spoke of the second-hand machinery as a smart and more sustainable alternative against the purchase of new equipment goods, in this year 2020 that has just begun, we would like to talk about the competitiveness of the second-hand machinery in the frame of the industry 4.0.

When we think of second hand machinery to more than one can cross their mind the image of obsolete machines with scarce competitive value for the market. This statement is not true any longer, at least for us, as in CECAMASA we have a stock of second hand machines highly technological able to offer great results in the current context that has been named by the experts as “the fourth industrial revolution”. In CECAMASA we have second hand tool-machines which offer multifunction solutions that allow to carry out multiple machining operations in a single machine. This concentration of tasks in a unique machine means a reduction of cycle times, as well as remarkable cost savings and, as a consequence, a better production efficiency.

We present below some of our highly technological machines of great performance which are available for sale. Machines, that as you will see, are very attractive for an industry that bets on the automation of processes:

1.- DECKEL MAHO DMU 80 P hi-dyn vertical machining center of 5 axes.

This second hand machining center was the subject of our latest post. It is the most recent addition to our vast stock of used machining centers. This technological machine of 5 continuous axes of the well-known German brand DECKEL MAHO stands out for its high accuracy and its perfect finishes. Equipped with a control HEIDENHAIN iTNC-530, it presents a traverse of 800 mm (X-axis), 700 mm (Y-axis) and 600 mm (Z-axis). Moreover, it has a rotary table of 630 mm diameter which is able to support a work piece of 600 kilos. The rotary table (C-axis) allows to make machining operations on the 360,000 positions 5 continuous axes. Furthermore, it has a head (A-axis) with +45º and -30º tilt. Plus, it is fully equipped. For further details, we encourage you to read our post: "CECAMASA adds a 5-axis DECKEL MAHO DMU 80 P hi-dyn to its second hand machinery stock

2.- DOOSAN PUMA MX 2500 LST multitasking cnc lathe of 9 axes

The DOOSAN PUMA MX 2500 LST lathe is a used cnc lathe which stands out for being a multitasking machine with 9 axes. Equipped with a FANUC 18i-TB control, as well as with a hydraulic chuck, spindle and subspindle, milling head, turret with motorized tool, tool changer of 40 units and chip conveyor. Its high technological component makes this machine capable of performing multiple tasks on the work piece without changing the machine. That means not only time saving as loads and unloads from other machines are not involved, but also it means a space saving in the work place. The entrepreneur doesn't need several machines that occupy a space in their premises, as one single machine can perform several operations. As a picture is worth a thousand words, we encourage you to watch a video with this cnc lathe, in that way, you will see for yourself the remarkable capacities of this machine:

3.- ZAYER 30 KCU 16000 AR traveling column milling machine

This second hand ZAYER 30 KCU 16000 AR milling machine is the top model within the traveling column milling machines range of the manufacturer ZAYER. In fact, the letters that appear at the end of its name, "AR" stand for "Alto Rendimiento" in Spanish, that it could be translated into English as "High Performance". Once more, we are talking of a technological machine, in that case it is equipped with a pick-up heads with the famous ZAYER head that allows to move the two bodies A and B simultaneously. Its technological equipment along with its generous traverses: 16,000 mm in X-axis, 1,500 mm in Y-axis and 3,500 in Z-axis, make it an ideal milling machine for the wind energy sector, the rail industry, the petrochemical sector and for the machining of big structures in general. If you want to know more about its technical features, we recommend you to have a look at its technical data sheet.

Pick-up of heads ZAYER 16000 AR traveling milling machine

Those three machines are just a few examples of our wide stock of second-hand machinery. Ideal second-hand machines for an industry which bets on the optimization of the available resources. In the frame of the industry 4.0 the highly technological component has arrived to the machinery world to allow buyers and end-users to take advantage of the automation of processes with the purpose of speed them up and save costs. There is a clear desire from the industry to bet on the multifunctionality, the flexible automation and the human factor has to be discharge of the heavy work in order to focus on the control and use of the machines of great capacities.

If you want more information about our stock of second hand machinery, do not hesitate to contact us. Drop us an email to ventas@cecamasa.com or call us at +34 935 730 225. Our team will be delighted to answer all your questions and advice in the best possible way.