Drill ERLO TCA-45

ERLO TCA-45 drilling machine

Technical features of the used ERLO TCA-45 column drilling machine

Drill bit:45 mm
Distance from spindle to column:360 mm
Max height from table to spindle:800 mm
Drilling depth:
240 mm
Tiltable rotating table:Yes
Clutch of spindle feed:Yes
Speeds:from 68 up to 1270
Drilling feeds:0,10-0,20-0,30-0,40

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PINACHO S-90/225 lathe


Technical features of the used PINACHO S-90/225 universal lathe

Distance between centers:1650 mm
Swing over bed:450 mm
Swing over carriage:410 mm
Swing over cross slide:260 mm
Swing over gap:650 mm
Bed length:300 mm
Spindle hole:52 mm
Morse taper spindle:4
Speeds:40-2200 rpm
Main motor power:4 kw
Equipped with:
Chuck:3 jaws Ø 250 mm
Sets of jaws:2
Turret:quick change
Tool holders:2
Rolling points:2
CE standards:Yes

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Technical features of the used FANUC ROBOCUT ALPHA-1iB wire EDM

X axis:550 mm
Y axis:370 mm
U axis:120 mm
V axis:120 mm
Z axis:310 mm
Rapid traverses (X,Y,Z/U,V):900 mm/min / 450 mm/min
Weight of the workpiece:1000 kgs
Power:13 KVA
Equipped with:
Control:FANUC 180 iS-W
Chiller unit:Yes

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Lathe PINACHO SP-200

Torno PINACHO de segunda mano

Technical features of the used PINACHO SP/200 universal lathe

Distance between centers:1000 mm
Swing over bed:400 mm
Swing over carriage:375 mm
Swing over cross slide:245 mm
Swing over gap:560 mm
Bed length:120 mm
Spindle hole:42 mm
Morse taper spindle:4
Speeds:9 speeds - 60-2000 rpm
Main motor power:4 kw
Equipped with:
Heidenhain digitals:in the 2 axes
Chuck:3-jaw chuck
Sets of jaws:4
Turret:quick change
Tool holders:4
CE standards:Yes

Need more information about this second hand PINACHO SP/200 universal lathe?

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CECAMASA closes the sale and installs a SORALUCE milling machine in Barcelona


During last month of September the team of technicians of CECAMASA has been actively working in the installation and commissioning of a bed type milling machine sold to a company in the province of Barcelona. We are specifically talking about a bed type milling machine SORALUCE TR-35 equipped with HEIDENHAIN control which enlarges the industrial machinery stock list of our customer. A company that provides components to a long list of die manufacturing companies for the automotive industry. As many of you already know, CECAMASA has a wide selection of second hand milling machines in its warehouses located in the municipality of Parets del Vallés (Barcelona). We always try to have in this selection models of brands such as SORALUCE, ZAYER or CORREA. All of them milling machines brands of great prestige, both nationally and internationally, which have always managed to meet fully the expectations of our customers and provide them with solutions to their production needs, no matter how demanding they were.

According to our regular way to proceed, the second hand SORALUCE TR-35 bed type milling machine was previously checked thoroughly by our experts in milling machines before its sale. When CECAMASA purchases a used milling machine, our team of technicians dismantles and checks thoroughly in order to detect if some components need to be repaired or replaced. The geometry of the machine is verified to know its degree of accuracy. We make every effort to ensure that the second hand milling machine presents a good performance and a quality very close to brand new one machine. In this specific case, the bed type milling machine SORALUCE TR-35 was completely checked, the original colors of the manufacturer have been preserved. The painting has not been damaged due to good use and maintenance made by the original customer who bought the machine when it was new. This used milling machine is equipped with automatic head 2.5º-2.5º, chip conveyor and ATC charger 30 tools. It also has a front protection formed by two wide opening doors that enable the operator loading the piece on the table of the milling machine


Do you want to know more about our second hand milling machines?

If you want to know more about our second hand milling machines or any other used machine from our inventory of industrial machinery contact us. You can send us an email to our account cecamasa@cecamasa.com or, call us at the telephone number +34 935 730 225.

Also, we encourage you to visit our facilities in Parets del Valles so you can see for yourselves how we work and to see in situ our stock of used machinery. And of course, you can also follow us on social networks: Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin or Instagram, where we try to regularly publish our news on used industrial machinery.

CECAMASA expands its stock of second-hand machining centers


In CECAMASA, the machining centers feature prominently in our stock of used machinery, along with second-hand cnc milling machines and second-hand cnc lathes. Machining centers are highly versatile machine tools that offer excellent results as they speed up the production process and allow to achieve better finishes.

Given the high performance of machining centers, in CECAMASA we have a large number of used vertical machining centers available for sale. Specifically this week, two LAGUN L-1000 machining centers have expanded our range of second-hand machining centers. With the addition of these two LAGUN centers, we have reached 3 references in catalog of this brand. We have a second-hand machining center LAGUN L-1000 from 2011 with the following traverses 1020x510x510mm, with taper cone ISO BT-40 which reaches 8,000 rpm, equipped with HEIDENHAIN iTNC 530 and prepared for a fourth axis. To this machine, it must be added to our inventory of used machinery the two used LAGUN L-1000 machining centers from 2014, delivered this week to our main warehouse located in the city of Parets del Vallés (Barcelona). Those second-hand machining centers present the following traverses 1030x530x540 mm, taper cone ISO BT-40 which reaches 8,000 rpm and each of them is equipped with HEIDENHAIN iTNC 530. Those latest second-hand machining centers added to our inventory, have a tool changer of 24 tools, chip conveyor, they are prepared for 4th axis and they are equipped with a vice. As a picture is worth a thousand words, please find below a video of one of the LAGUNL-1000 machining center added to our used machinery stock, in that way you will check for yourselves that they are in excellent conditions:

LAGUN machining centers are widely accepted in the market and they are characterized by a high rigidity of its structure, compact and ergonomic design and, above all, their production speed.

We also have in stock other brands, we would like to outline the DAHLIH MCV 1450 machining center, one of the best machines manufactured in Taiwan. It presents some traverses of 1450x750x750 mm and has an ISO 50 cone which reaches up to 6,000 rpm. This used DAHLIH machining center is equipped with internal cooling, chip conveyor and a chain tool changer of 32 tools. The machine has been completely revised and retrofitted by our team of technicians and it is in a state of immediate delivery.

We have also available for sale two machining centers of the brand DAEWOO: DAEWOO MYNX 500 machining center and the DAEWOO MYNX 540 machining center. DAEWOO (DOOSAN) is undoubtedly a Korean brand with great prestige in the segment of high-performance economic machine. Both machining centers, the DAEWOO MYNX 500 as well as the DAEWOO MYNX 540, are very versatile machines thanks to its 8,000 rpm and their internal cooling. They are particularly suitable for the fields of general machining, the mold and the small tooling.

Finally, we would like to tell you that now we have a KONDIA B-1050 machining center under revision and retrofitting works. We hope to give you shortly more news about this machine, which I have no doubt it will be of your interest. Not surprisingly, Kondia is one of the most established brands in the workshops of the Spanish geography.

If you're looking for used machining center, contact us and we will offer you our experience of over 30 years in the sector of used machinery to advise you in the best possible way.

The second-hand machinery of CECAMASA catches the public's interest in FITMAQ 2019

From CECAMASA we value our participation in the International Fair of Used Machinery and Equipment (FITMAQ), held from 4 to 6 June at the Bilbao Exhibition Center, very highly. We attended the trade fair with a 200 square meter booth where we exhibited two machines from our stock of second-hand machinery: a bed type milling machine of the reputed brand ZAYER, model 30 KF-5000 and a DOOSAN PUMA MX 2500 LST multitasking cnc lathe, of which we will talk in further detail later.

Trade shows offer without any kind of doubt an excellent opportunity for networking and what is even more important, they allow us to gather firsthand information of the needs of the market and, in that sense, this edition of the FITMAQ 2019 has not been an exception. This event has allowed us to make new contacts, at national and international level, meet again our customers and make new deals.

We are very pleased to note that the second-hand industrial machines that we showed at the fair have caught the general interest of the public: from the student of machining and the retired man impressed by the technological improvements achieved to the managers and workers who appreciate the performance of a good machine. There is no greater reward than to see that all the effort made has been worthy.

On the occasion of this industrial fair, we have presented our new catalog where you can find a variety of new and second-hand industrial machinery. See machines physically is one of the added values of ​​FITMAQ, and in this edition lathes, milling machines, machining centers, grinders, turning centers, bending and shearing machines could have been seen.

Information on the most relevant products in FITMAQ 2019

In CECAMASA we have a wide range of models of milling machines and CNC lathes. As above-mentioned, in 2019 FITMAQ we have shown the multitasking lathe DOOSAN PUMA MX 2500 LST and the ZAYER milling machine 30 KF-5000, the latter machine was the star of the booth because of its performance and its size, as it has a bed of five meters - being the largest machine exhibited at the fair.

Be advised that all our second-hand milling machines have been thoroughly checked by a highly qualified team in order to be delivered to the customer in perfect condition. In CECAMASA we bet on well-known brands such as ZAYER milling machines, SORALUCE milling machines and NICOLAS CORREA milling machines.

Second-hand ZAYER 30KF-5000 milling machine

The ZAYER 30 KF-5000 milling machine is particularly known for its travels - 4710 mm in X-axis, 2013 mm in Y-axis and 1508 mm in Z-axis - and its 45º automatic head with 0.001º accuracy in the two bodies and spindle rotation simultaneously. In spite of being a bed type milling machine, it provides traverses like a traveling column milling machine with the benefit that a bed type milling machine does not require the foundation of a traveling column milling machine.

Second-hand multitasking DOOSAN PUMA MX 2500 LST cnc lathe

The multitasking DOOSAN PUMA MX 2500 LST lathe exhibited as well at our booth has a high technological component, it is a multitasking lathe of 9 axes fully equipped with hydraulic chuck, spindle and subspindle, boring head, tool changer of 40n units, turret with motorised tool, chip conveyor and FANUC 18i-TB control. The technical features of this second-hand CNC lathe make it ideal for finishing working pieces very quickly.

In addition to the industrial machinery shown at FITMAQ 2019, we have other types and models of used machines in our facilities in Parets del Vallès (Barcelona). Do you want to get a copy of our new catalog of second-hand machinery with detailed information? Please contact us or download it here.

CECAMASA will attend the fourth edition of FITMAQ


In this post we announce that, once again, in CECAMASA we focus on specialized fairs of the industrial machinery sector and we will attend the fourth edition of FITMAQ 2019, the International Fair of Used Machinery which will be held at the Bilbao Exhibition Center (BEC) from 4 to 6 June. FITMAQ is a biannual exhibition that offers the best space for new and second-hand industrial machinery in Spain, with the attendance of leading companies in the machinery equipment sector, and Latin American firms, which see Spain as a major potential growth market.

This degree of specialization makes this a must event for professionals, from both national and international spheres, of the machinery equipment. This edition is also even more appealing as FITMAQ is included within the + Industry platform that will bring together a total of 7 shows that revolve around manufacturing processes and supplies of the Industry 4.0.

Come and visit us at stand B56 in Hall 5

This year, as in previous editions, CECAMASA will attend the event with the aim of being able to meet the needs of all those who visit us at our booth B56 in Hall 5. We come here with a stand of 200 square meters where we will present our new acquisitions, which will expose graphically all our inventory of second-hand machinery and, of course, we will exhibit in situ two or three large second-hand machines.

New and second-hand industrial machinery

We will especially emphasize families of used machines in which we are specialists such as bed type milling machine ,bridge milling machine, travelling column milling machine of worldwide known brands as ZAYER milling machines, SORALUCE mlling machines, NICOLAS CORREA milling machines and other brands such as LAGUN milling machines and ANAYAK milling machines.

We will also present our wide range of second-hand machining centers of different brands such as LAGUN machining center, DOOSAN machining center, KONDIA machining center, and not so known as vertical machining centre of the make DAHLIH.

Also, we will present our entire range of numerical control machines, which have recently expanded with CNC lathes of the make DOOSAN (DAEWOO), not to mention other families of machines as they are grinding machinesin all its forms (tangential grinding machines, centerless grinding machines with in feed grinding or through feed grinding, universal grinders, etc.), shears, bending machines, cylinders, and many other machines that you can not miss out.

And, of course, we will also offer you information of our represented brands of new machinery such as Klinsman shears and pressbrakes , JUARISTI boring and milling machines, EQUIPTOP grinding machines and, as collaborators that we are, we will also provide you with information about the entire range of LAGUN machines and FACCIN deformation sheet machines.

The team that we make up CECAMASA will try our best to assist in the best possible way both new customers and customers who have already placed their trust in us in the sale of used machinery. Remember that we are looking forward to seeing you from 4 to 6 June at our booth B56 and if you want to plan ahead a visit with us, do not hesitate to contact us via email or by phone.

New extension to our catalog of used machinery

Second-hand Daewoo Puma 300 cnc lathe

In CECAMASA we have substantially expanded our large catalog of used machinery during the last months, increasing in that way the stock of new machines and the stock of used machines available for sale. Firstly, we would like to outline the purchase of four numerical control lathes. Three of the well-known Korean brand DOOSAN and the other one of the brand TRAVIS. The three cnc lathes DOOSAN-DAEWOO are in excellent conditions and we encourage to everyone interested in some of them to visit our premises located at the city of Parets del Vallès, Barcelona.

Recent types of CNC lathes

The first lathe that we present you is DOOSAN – DAEWOO model 300 LB, belong to the PUMA series, the heavy series of the DOOSAN brand. It is a simple machine of two axes with a FANUC 18-T control and it is equipped with a KITAGAWA chuck with 300 mm of diameter and a chip conveyor. It is a second-hand cnc lathe which is ideal for any machining workshop.

The second lathe is a DOOSAN – DAEWOO PUMA 400 LMB, and it falls too into the category of heavy machinery. It is a CNC lathe with a distance between centers of 2,000 mm and a tourning diameter of big dimensions. We would like to outline its turret with motorized tools. Besides, it has a chuck with 380 mm diameter and a SLU-4 hydraulic steady rest, both SMW AUTOBLOCK, chip conveyor and FANUC 21i-TB control.

The third and final entry of DOOSAN - DAEWOO lathe added to the catalog is a model DOOSAN – DAEWOO PUMA MX 2500 LST. It is a second-hand multitasking lathe of 9 axes. That used CNC lathe is equipped with a hydraulic chuck, spindle and sub-spindle, turret with motorized tool, head for boring, tool changer of 40 tools, chip conveyor and control FANUC 18i-TB. Its technical specifications and its equipment make it an ideal machine for finishing pieces at once.

Finally, the fourth lathe acquired recently of the brand TRAVIS is a semi-control lathe more simple and more economical than the previous ones. Moreover, it is en perfect working conditions.

And that's not all, we also have machining centers and grinding machines. Apart from other machines of different models of numerical control available in our website.

Furthermore, we have acquired 3 grinding machines of the brand DANOBAT of numerical control model ESTARTA 301 MV in very good conditions. Those machines date from 2004-2005 and they have a large equipment such as grinding wheels and pole-holders, just to name a few. Among those second-hand grinding machines we have machines with in-feed grinding and machines with through feed grinding.

Grinding de segunda mano starter MV 301

This last month we increased our list of new industrial and second hand machinery by acquiring two machining centers LAGUN model L-1000 from 2011. Those used machines are in really good conditions and have a few working hours. However, the most remarkable thing of these machines are that they are equipped with HEIDENHAIN iTNC 530 numerical control. LAGUN is a national brand very consolidated in the Spanish machine-tool market and in CECAMASA we have the pleasure to cooperate with them.

Apart from second-hand machining centers of the make LAGUN, we have also increased our stock references of used machinery with two additional machining centers, but this time of the brand DOOSAN. We have a machining center DOOSAN – DAEWOO MYNX 500 and a machining center DOOSAN – DAEWOO MYNX 540. They are very versatile tools and those machining centers are ideal for any kind of drilling and deep machining that requires of inner cooling.

Lastly, we would like to outline the wire edm of the brand FANUC model ROBOCUT ALPHA-0iB, another addition totally overhauled by FANUC. It is machine with median dimensions and travels which presents a great versatility and it is especially recommended for the die-manufacturing sector of small dimensions.

If you want to know in further detail our inventory of used machinery, CNC lathes or machining centers available for sale in our website, contact us. Our team in CECAMASA will be more than happy to assist you personally and will answer all your questions.

Our machining centers and their key advantages

CENTER machining center HERMLE C40U - 0

This time we want to talk about one of the star products of CECAMASA which occupies a privileged position in our catalog of used machinery, along with cnc milling machines and the cn lathes, that is the machining centers.

In this new post we explain in detail the following points:

  1. What is a machining center?
  2. Know the key advantages of machining centers
  3. What are the two main types of machining center?
  4. What is a vertical machining center?
  5. Our range of used machining centers
  6. Our recent acquisition: HERMLE 5-axes vertical machining center

1. What is a machining center?

A vertical machining centre is a machine that has a high degree of automation by using a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) which performs several machining operations that hardly require the intervention of an operator.

The milling machines may be conventional machines or machines equipped with numerical control, however, a vertical machining centre always has a CNC.

The appearance of this machine tool is linked to the implementation of the digital control technology in this type of industrial machinery. And it was designed precisely with the aim of achieving more accuracy of the milling task and more safety, that is why so many professionals in our industry say the vertical machining centre is the machine tool result of technological developments of the milling machine in the field of machining.

But be careful as this statement can lead to confusion, the vertical machining centre not only is able to mill, but it can also perform other tasks such as drilling or threading, and all always guarantee accurate results.

2. Know the key advantages of machining centers

The advantages of using a vertical machining centre are manifold. We thought it might be useful to know the main advantages associated with their applications:

  • They are machines that offer very good finishes thus help improve accuracy of the work done.
  • They are machines which are versatile as they are able to carry out various machining operations on the workpiece.
  • They feature high speed of production and they can perform many operations on the workpiece automatically.
  • They allow great uniformity in the parts they manufacture, so that makes it a very useful machine for series production.
  • As they are highly automated, machining centers increase productivity and require less labor, which turns into significant cost savings for the employer.

3. What are the two main types of machining centers?

There is a wide variety of machining centers according to their size, number of axes or features, etc. However, usually, two types are distinguished:

  • The horizontal machining center

It is a numerical control machine useful for application in large pieces that require several parts machined in its surface.

  • The vertical machining center

They are the most efficient machining centers and the most suitable for manufacturing dies, molds or dice. They are cheaper than horizontal and are characterized by high flexibility. There are centers of 3, 4 or 5 axes. The more axes, the greater mobility of cuts and the greater the complexity of machining tasks that these machines can run.

The vertical machining center with a fourth axis, in addition to the three classic movements of the cartesian axes (X, Y, Z), has the option of the rotation control of the workpiece on either axis, that functionality is particularly advisable to work piece surfaces which have cylindrical shapes.

If the machining center has 5 axes, plus all the options described above, the fifth axis can rotate two axes simultaneously. It also allows to perform the rotation on an axis perpendicular while the workpiece is tilted perpendicularly thereto. Therefore a vertical machining center 5 axis is able to perform highly complex functions.

4. What is a vertical machining center?

There are a variety of models on the market of machining centers vertical allowing both machining large pieces and small, either in small amounts or in large series.

Similarly, the interface work this machine cnc is evolving increasingly handling more simple and intuitive.

The vertical machining center is an option to take into account, given its high performance as well as the cost-benefit offered by the investor in machinery.

5.Our range of used machining centers

In CECAMASA we try to have a large stock of machining centers from reputable brands such as Mazak, DECKEL MAHO, AWEA,KONDIA, HERMLE, etc.

Our centers are equipped with leading numerical control systems such as HEIDENHAIN or FANUC, among others.

Among our recent acquisitions, we would like to highlight one, the vertical machining center HERMLE 5 axes, Model C 40 U, ​​which you can see in more detail below.

6.Our recent acquisition: HERMLE 5-axis vertical machining center

Vertical machining center HERMLE 5-axis

It has an adjustable circular table with a diameter of 700 mm that can support up to 1400 kilos load.

The range of rotation of the table (Axis A) is 135 °, of which, are -110º backward and forward of + 25 ° and the range of rotation (C axis) is 360 °.

The travels of the Cartesian axes X, Y, Z are: 850x700x500mm.

The vertical machining center HERMLE is equipped with a tool magazine with 38 stations and a 850 mm wide chip conveyor.

In addition to our wide range of machining centers, spare parts, we are partners of LAGUN, a renowned manufacturer of milling machines and machining centers of high quality, based in the Basque Country which is a company with a long career in the field of machine-tools.

In our section of new industrial machinery, you can find a wide range of vertical machining centers new ones are right now at your complete disposal.

If you're thinking about buying a vertical machining centre and you have doubts about which one would best suit your current or future production needs, please contact us. Our team will be happy to advise you personally to answer all your questions.