second hand cnc milling machine

What is the retrofit or retrofitting of machinery?

The English term "retrofit” could be translated as “reconditioning”. In fact, this term applied to the field of machinery refers to the updating or reconstruction of industrial machines to make them competitive again. These actions can be carried out on mechanical, hydraulic, electronic components, etc. The point is that these interventions lead to improvements in their productivity and accuracy. No doubt the retrofit it is an excellent alternative to buying new equipment goods. In CECAMASA we are aware that the majority of the Spanish industrial fabric is made up of SMEs with modest budgets that need to replace their machinery at reasonable costs. For this reason, our team of highly qualified technicians strives every day to recondition our fleet of second-hand machinery to leave each machine as if it were new.

In this post we are going to talk about our latest work: the retrofit of a traveling column milling machine of the prestigious ZAYER brand, model 30 KCU 16000 AR with a longitudinal travel of 16 meters. Currently, the largest machine in our inventory and therefore our crown jewel.

Works carried out on the retrofitting of the ZAYER 30 KCU 16000 AR milling machine

Our team of technicians has required two months of hard work to get this impressive ZAYER traveling column milling machine ready. A second-hand milling machine that comes from a Central European company dedicated to the construction of mega metal structures. Broadly speaking, the works that have been carried out have been the following:

Assembly of the guides, always looking for their parallelism

The column assembly

The installation of the pick-up of heads

The replacement of the guide shoes

Verification of the geometry of the machine.

The assembly of the machine has been possible thanks to the means we have. In this sense, we refer both to the professionalism of our technicians and to the tools they have used to carry out their mission. Among these tools, a Renishaw interferometer laser stands out, which allows the verification of machine geometries with dimensions of up to 20 meters. The laser interferometer is emerging as the most advanced technology to date for obtaining highly accurate information. In addition, as it is a non-contact measurement method, mechanical deterioration of the system is avoided.

Renishaw laser interferometer

Likewise, the ballbar has also been used to check the geometry of the interpolation of the 3 axes. With the ballbar a quick verification of the positioning performance of the machine is obtained. In this way, the technician can analyze the condition of the machine and detect the problems that require maintenance and determine their causes.

With the use of this cutting-edge technology, it has been possible to recondition this large-sized ZAYER mobile column milling machine to achieve a good geometry of the machine without it having the necessary foundation for its optimal operation. An achievement that we are proud of.

Highlights of the ZAYER 30 KCU 16000 AR milling machine

This second-hand ZAYER milling machine has great attractions: from a engine torque higher than normal, passing through shafts equipped with rack and pinion to the pick-up of heads that the machine has installed. This pick-up has two heads: the famous ZAYER head with 0.001 precision in the body A and B in 360,000 positions and a head of the brand d’ANDREA UT 5/500 S model that allows boring with a diameter of up to 800 mm. This duality of heads gives this machine great versatility since it allows both machining to be carried out on any type of part (metal structure, moulds, dies, etc.), as well as very deep boring, such as making large holes in hydraulic blocks.

In addition, this second-hand milling machine has fixed tables of the brand Rübenach, a rotary table of the brand PEISELER 2500×2500 mm with a capacity of up to 20 tons, a 100-tool magazine, chip conveyor, internal coolant, an operator's cabin with elevation and numerical control HEIDENHAIN iTNC 530.


If you want to know more about this ZAYER 30 KCU 16000 AR traveling column machine or any other machine from our extensive inventory, do not hesitate to contact us through Whatsapp at the number +34 678 66 3584 or write us a message to the email address ventas@cecamasa.com.