second hand cnc milling machine

What is the retrofit or retrofitting of machinery?

The English term "retrofit” could be translated as “reconditioning”. In fact, this term applied to the field of machinery refers to the updating or reconstruction of industrial machines to make them competitive again. These actions can be carried out on mechanical, hydraulic, electronic components, etc. The point is that these interventions lead to improvements in their productivity and accuracy. No doubt the retrofit it is an excellent alternative to buying new equipment goods. In CECAMASA we are aware that the majority of the Spanish industrial fabric is made up of SMEs with modest budgets that need to replace their machinery at reasonable costs. For this reason, our team of highly qualified technicians strives every day to recondition our fleet of second-hand machinery to leave each machine as if it were new.

In this post we are going to talk about our latest work: the retrofit of a traveling column milling machine of the prestigious ZAYER brand, model 30 KCU 16000 AR with a longitudinal travel of 16 meters. Currently, the largest machine in our inventory and therefore our crown jewel.

Works carried out on the retrofitting of the ZAYER 30 KCU 16000 AR milling machine

Our team of technicians has required two months of hard work to get this impressive ZAYER traveling column milling machine ready. A second-hand milling machine that comes from a Central European company dedicated to the construction of mega metal structures. Broadly speaking, the works that have been carried out have been the following:

Assembly of the guides, always looking for their parallelism

The column assembly

The installation of the pick-up of heads

The replacement of the guide shoes

Verification of the geometry of the machine.

The assembly of the machine has been possible thanks to the means we have. In this sense, we refer both to the professionalism of our technicians and to the tools they have used to carry out their mission. Among these tools, a Renishaw interferometer laser stands out, which allows the verification of machine geometries with dimensions of up to 20 meters. The laser interferometer is emerging as the most advanced technology to date for obtaining highly accurate information. In addition, as it is a non-contact measurement method, mechanical deterioration of the system is avoided.

Renishaw laser interferometer

Likewise, the ballbar has also been used to check the geometry of the interpolation of the 3 axes. With the ballbar a quick verification of the positioning performance of the machine is obtained. In this way, the technician can analyze the condition of the machine and detect the problems that require maintenance and determine their causes.

With the use of this cutting-edge technology, it has been possible to recondition this large-sized ZAYER mobile column milling machine to achieve a good geometry of the machine without it having the necessary foundation for its optimal operation. An achievement that we are proud of.

Highlights of the ZAYER 30 KCU 16000 AR milling machine

This second-hand ZAYER milling machine has great attractions: from a engine torque higher than normal, passing through shafts equipped with rack and pinion to the pick-up of heads that the machine has installed. This pick-up has two heads: the famous ZAYER head with 0.001 precision in the body A and B in 360,000 positions and a head of the brand d’ANDREA UT 5/500 S model that allows boring with a diameter of up to 800 mm. This duality of heads gives this machine great versatility since it allows both machining to be carried out on any type of part (metal structure, moulds, dies, etc.), as well as very deep boring, such as making large holes in hydraulic blocks.

In addition, this second-hand milling machine has fixed tables of the brand Rübenach, a rotary table of the brand PEISELER 2500×2500 mm with a capacity of up to 20 tons, a 100-tool magazine, chip conveyor, internal coolant, an operator's cabin with elevation and numerical control HEIDENHAIN iTNC 530.


If you want to know more about this ZAYER 30 KCU 16000 AR traveling column machine or any other machine from our extensive inventory, do not hesitate to contact us through Whatsapp at the number +34 678 66 3584 or write us a message to the email address ventas@cecamasa.com.

LAGUN milling heads and options

options and heads catalog

options and heads catalog

LAGUN Mobile Column Milling Machines - CM Series

milling friend

milling friend

Lagun Machine Tools - milling machines

lagun cnc milling machines

lagun cnc milling machines

The company LAGUN Machine Tools SL, based in the town of Akzoitia in the Basque Country, has more than 60 years of history in the machine tool manufacturing sector. The manufacture of its first LAGUN universal milling machine dates back to 1954. Since then, it has focused on the design and development of milling machines with numerical control highly reliable with great value for money. Cnc milling machines medium in size and highly customizable to adapt to the client's productive needs. In the extensive catalog of LAGUN milling machines we find bed type milling machines (series BM y BM-RT), traveling column milling machines (CM series), as well as moving column milling machines (series TM, TM-T y MM).

All these types of LAGUN milling machines are highly customizable having a long list of options. These options include the customization of heads, the choice of tool loader, the installation of a chip extractor, the type of fairing, etc.


soraluce fs 8000 traveling column milling machine

Information about the used SORALUCE FS 8000 traveling column milling machine

SORALUCE is a leading company in the manufacture of machine-tool in our country. It is part of Danobatgroup, one of the most relevant business groups on the European scene. SORALUCE has become synonymous with quality and technology. Not in vain this year 2020 SORALUCE has been awarded with the Ringier Technology Innovation Award. So it comes as no surprise that in our machinery park we always have milling machines of this prestigious brand.

Currently, we have a very special machine for sale: a second-hand SORALUCE FS 8000 traveling column milling machine. This used Soraluce milling machine has a longitudinal traverse of 8000mm, a vertical traverse of 3200 mm and a cross one of 1600 mm. Those traverses, along with its three heads, make this machine, a highly competitive milling machine.

This traveling column milling machine is equipped with an automatic head pick-up. The most remarkable head of this machine is its orthogonal head with an accuracy of one thousandth of a degree with HSK-63A spindle taper. It reaches a speed of 18,000 rpm and it can work 5 continuous axes. It is capable of performing mirror machining characteristic of the tooling sector. Although it can also work soft materials such as master paste or aluminum, carrying out a machining of the highest quality.

The second head is an automatic universal head with an accuracy of one thousandth of a degree capable of working at 6000 turns and with a power of 43 kW. It is ideal to perform heavy machining or wear.

The third head is an outlet type to carry out horizontal works. It also has a power of 43 kW which makes it an ideal head for drilling as required in tube sheets.

In addition to the head pick-up, this machine is equipped with different probes to center the pieces, a chip conveyor, 4 squares 3 meters high and a STOLLE plate of 10,000 × 2,500 mm.

The technical specifications of this machine, as well as its high performance, make this second-hand SORALUCE FS 8000 milling machine, in a traveling column milling machine ideal for machining heavy parts. It has multiple applications, either in the automotive sector, the railway sector, or even in the wind power sector since it can work parts such as bushings.

Technical features of the second-hand SORALUCE FS 8000 traveling column machine

X-axis traverse:8.000 mm
Y-axis traverse:1.600 mm
Z-axis traverse:3.200 mm
Year of the machine:2011
Milling head 1
Orthogonal head with high-speed spindle:Ultra high rotation speed of the head and elbow - continuous
Spindle taper:HSK-63A
C-axis pos:± 180º
A-axis pos:± 180º
Accuracy:0.001º (360,000 pos)
Max speed:18.000 rpm
Motor power:25 kW
Milling head 2
Automatic head:universal
Spindle taper:ISO 50
Max rotation angle:nX360º
Accuracy:A and B axes 0.001º (360,000 pos)
Max speed:6.000 rpm
Motor power:43 kW
Milling head 3
Universal milling head:Direct outlet for horizontal millings
Spindle taper:ISO 50
Max speed:20-5.000 rpm
Motor power:43 kW
Rapid traverses (X, Y, Z):25.000 mm/min
Equipped with:
Radiofrequency hand-wheel:HEIDENHAIN HGB410
M&H 20.41 radiofrequency touch probe:for piece centering in ISO 50 spindle taper
M&H 20.41 radiofrequency touch probe:for piece centering in HSK63 spindle taper
Pick-up of heads:3 positions
Static pneumatic tool changer:12 magazines adapted to the table
Coolant system:of head oil
Preparation coolant system through the spindleYes
Prepared for internal coolant supply through the spindlethe 3 heads
Mobile platform for operator:with hydraulic height regulation
STOLLE plate:10,000x2,500 mm
4 squares:3,000x1,100 mm
Chip conveyor:Yes

Need more information about this second-hand SORALUCE FS 8000 milling machine?

Contact us and we will inform you without any commitment on this SORALUCE FS 8000 traveling column milling machine. Please feel free to visit our facilities located in Parets del Vallés (Barcelona), where we have all kinds of new and used industrial machinery: machining centers, cylinders, shears, press brakes, etc.

You can reach us via:

+34 935 730 225

CECAMASA committed to milling machines "made in Spain"

second-hand milling machines

As many of you may already know, milling machines feature prominently in our wide selection of used machinery. Currently all of our second-hand milling machines available for sale are taken over by Spanish brands. In CECAMASA are committed to manufacturers of milling machines "made in Spain” as exponents of high quality machinery, great performance and high precision. Next, we are going to talk about these manufacturers who, with their good work, have crossed borders and have made a name for themselves internationally.

ZAYER milling machines

Zayer, based in Vitoria-Gasteiz (Basque Country), it defines itself as a machine tool company with an “entrepreneurial spirit and innovative capacity”. Not surprisingly, Zayer has more than 60 years of experience designing and manufacturing milling machines (bed type milling machines, bridge milling machines, gantry milling machines, moving column milling machines) and machining centers. In addition to having a long history in the market, ZAYER has a wide commercial network that includes its own offices in countries such as Italy, Brazil and China. They can also boast a highly qualified technical assistance service that operates in more than 40 countries.

At CECAMASA we are proud to have a ZAYER bed type milling machine, a ZAYER mobile column milling machine and a bridge milling machine from the same brand. In our post “Wide selection of bed type milling machines in CECAMASA" you will find detailed information about our ZAYER 30KF-5000 bed type milling machine.

On the other hand, we have a ZAYER 30 KCU 16000 AR a mobile column milling machine, a top model from this manufacturer. That machine is in excellent mechanical condition. Its generous 16,000 mm longitudinal, 1,500 mm transverse and 3,500 mm vertical travels, make this milling machine an ideal machine for machining heavy and large parts. Therefore, we speak of a robust, reliable and precise machine. Also, we would like to highlight of this the mobile column milling machine, the chip conveyor, the internal cooling, the operator's cabin with elevation and the numerical control HEIDENHAIN iTNC 530.

If you want to know more about this machine, we encourage you to consult its technical data sheet where you will find detailed all its specifications. Finally, we have a ZAYER KCPU 6000 AR DT bridge type with double table system. It is a very versatile milling machine and highly recommended for the heavy tooling sector and for structures. We also encourage you to consult its technical data sheet so that you can get an idea of ​​all the benefits it can offer.

SORALUCE milling machines

Soraluce is another of the great Spanish machine tool manufacturers. Based in Bergara (Basque Country), Soraluce is part of the DANOBATGROUP business group, one of the most important in all of Europe. With an experience of more than 50 years in the market, its success, according to its website, is based on "excellent quality, star service and cutting-edge technology." SORALUCE reveals itself as a leading company in milling, boring and turning technology with an international projection. Its business strategy is based on 4 pillars: development of leading technology, commitment to the digitization of the company, highly qualified service and the aspiration to manufacture less polluting machines.

Nowadays, in CECAMASA we have three bed type milling machines of the brand SORALUCE: Soraluce TA-35, Soraluce TA A-20 and SORALUCE TA-20. In our post “Wide selection of bed type milling machines in CECAMASA" you will find detailed information about our Soraluce TA-35 bed type milling machine. Regarding the SORALUCE TA-20 milling machine, although among the three SORALUCE series, the TA series is the lightest, this does not mean that it is the worst machine. In fact, this bed type milling machine provides a high speed of axis translation with linear guide and is in a geometry of 0.02. It also has a full enclosure, has a chip conveyor and it is equipped with HEIDENHAIN control. Finally, our SORALUCE TA A-20 milling machine apart from having a full enclosure, chip conveyor, HEIDENHIAN control, it is as well equipped with a tool changer of 20 units.

second hand soraluce milling machines

NICOLAS CORREA milling machines

The company NICOLAS CORREA SA, based in Burgos, it was founded in 1947 and is dedicated to the design and manufacture of medium and large size milling machines. On their website they highlight that both the design and manufacture of their machines are carried out entirely in Europe. They have a commercial network, as well as a technical service, at an international level. Aware of the growing concern for environmental issues, NICOLAS CORREA has the ISO 14001 Certificate for Environmental Management. This certification accredits quality standards and respect for the environment.

Today at the premises of CECAMASA we have a Nicolas Correa bed type milling machine: the Nicolas Correa A30/40 milling machine, which has an automatic head and a central support in the table with T-slots. That support allows to fix pieces at the table side.

Moreover, we have a NICOLAS CORREA FP-30/40 bridge milling machine. The FP series is one of the best-sellers of this manufacturer. This bridge milling machine can work with two heads: the direct output head (6,000 rpm) and a 360º manual HURON head (3,000 rpm). It is equipped with a HEIDENHAIN 426 numerical control.

second hand correa milling machines

LAGUN milling machines

LAGUN MACHINE TOOLS, S.L. is another manufacturer of bed type milling machines and mobile column milling machines based in the Basque Country, specifically in Azkoitia. This Basque company has been manufacturing milling machines for more than 60 years. As stated on their website, their business strategy is based on focusing on "the design and manufacture of medium-sized milling machines, at a competitive price and proven reliability." One fact to highlight is that they allocate more than 10% of their staff to the R + D + I department. Their main market is Europe, with Germany topping the list, although they also export to markets such as India, Turkey, the US and Canada. With a broad export vocation, LAGUN has a qualified technical service to respond to its international customers.

Currently, at CECAMASA we have two LAGUN bed type milling machines, both belong to the GBR3 model, the only difference between them is their year of manufacture, one dates from 2011 and the other from 2013. Both LAGUN GBR3 milling machines they are equipped with HEIDENHAIN iTNC-530 control, have through-shaft cooling and a chip conveyor. Likewise, it should be noted that they are equipped with an automatic 2.5º-2.5º head that reaches 3,000 rpm.

LAGUN GBR 3 bed type milling machine

More information

We hope this post has aroused your interest and you want to know more about our milling machines "made in Spain". If so, do not hesitate to contact us through our email address cecamasa@cecamasa.com or by calling us at +34 935 730 225. Our team of sales representatives and technicians will answer all your questions.

CECAMASA: second-hand technological machines for the Industry 4.0


If in the latest post of 2019, in CECAMASA we spoke of the second-hand machinery as a smart and more sustainable alternative against the purchase of new equipment goods, in this year 2020 that has just begun, we would like to talk about the competitiveness of the second-hand machinery in the frame of the industry 4.0.

When we think of second hand machinery to more than one can cross their mind the image of obsolete machines with scarce competitive value for the market. This statement is not true any longer, at least for us, as in CECAMASA we have a stock of second hand machines highly technological able to offer great results in the current context that has been named by the experts as “the fourth industrial revolution”. In CECAMASA we have second hand tool-machines which offer multifunction solutions that allow to carry out multiple machining operations in a single machine. This concentration of tasks in a unique machine means a reduction of cycle times, as well as remarkable cost savings and, as a consequence, a better production efficiency.

We present below some of our highly technological machines of great performance which are available for sale. Machines, that as you will see, are very attractive for an industry that bets on the automation of processes:

1.- DECKEL MAHO DMU 80 P hi-dyn vertical machining center of 5 axes.

This second hand machining center was the subject of our latest post. It is the most recent addition to our vast stock of used machining centers. This technological machine of 5 continuous axes of the well-known German brand DECKEL MAHO stands out for its high accuracy and its perfect finishes. Equipped with a control HEIDENHAIN iTNC-530, it presents a traverse of 800 mm (X-axis), 700 mm (Y-axis) and 600 mm (Z-axis). Moreover, it has a rotary table of 630 mm diameter which is able to support a work piece of 600 kilos. The rotary table (C-axis) allows to make machining operations on the 360,000 positions 5 continuous axes. Furthermore, it has a head (A-axis) with +45º and -30º tilt. Plus, it is fully equipped. For further details, we encourage you to read our post: "CECAMASA adds a 5-axis DECKEL MAHO DMU 80 P hi-dyn to its second hand machinery stock

2.- DOOSAN PUMA MX 2500 LST multitasking cnc lathe of 9 axes

The DOOSAN PUMA MX 2500 LST lathe is a used cnc lathe which stands out for being a multitasking machine with 9 axes. Equipped with a FANUC 18i-TB control, as well as with a hydraulic chuck, spindle and subspindle, milling head, turret with motorized tool, tool changer of 40 units and chip conveyor. Its high technological component makes this machine capable of performing multiple tasks on the work piece without changing the machine. That means not only time saving as loads and unloads from other machines are not involved, but also it means a space saving in the work place. The entrepreneur doesn't need several machines that occupy a space in their premises, as one single machine can perform several operations. As a picture is worth a thousand words, we encourage you to watch a video with this cnc lathe, in that way, you will see for yourself the remarkable capacities of this machine:

3.- ZAYER 30 KCU 16000 AR traveling column milling machine

This second hand ZAYER 30 KCU 16000 AR milling machine is the top model within the traveling column milling machines range of the manufacturer ZAYER. In fact, the letters that appear at the end of its name, "AR" stand for "Alto Rendimiento" in Spanish, that it could be translated into English as "High Performance". Once more, we are talking of a technological machine, in that case it is equipped with a pick-up heads with the famous ZAYER head that allows to move the two bodies A and B simultaneously. Its technological equipment along with its generous traverses: 16,000 mm in X-axis, 1,500 mm in Y-axis and 3,500 in Z-axis, make it an ideal milling machine for the wind energy sector, the rail industry, the petrochemical sector and for the machining of big structures in general. If you want to know more about its technical features, we recommend you to have a look at its technical data sheet.

Pick-up of heads ZAYER 16000 AR traveling milling machine

Those three machines are just a few examples of our wide stock of second-hand machinery. Ideal second-hand machines for an industry which bets on the optimization of the available resources. In the frame of the industry 4.0 the highly technological component has arrived to the machinery world to allow buyers and end-users to take advantage of the automation of processes with the purpose of speed them up and save costs. There is a clear desire from the industry to bet on the multifunctionality, the flexible automation and the human factor has to be discharge of the heavy work in order to focus on the control and use of the machines of great capacities.

If you want more information about our stock of second hand machinery, do not hesitate to contact us. Drop us an email to ventas@cecamasa.com or call us at +34 935 730 225. Our team will be delighted to answer all your questions and advice in the best possible way.

CORREA milling machine - 073/S017

Mobile column milling machine CORREA
Model AXIA 70
Table 6.600 x 1.140 mm

  • X 7.000 mm
  • Y 1.250 mm
  • Z 1,500 mm

Spindle Taper ISO 50
Spindle speed 6000 r.p.m.
2 speeds, rapid advances in X / Y / Z 30 m / min
Main motor 30 KW
Total power 59 kW
Machine dimensions 11,900 x 5,170 x 4,225 mm
Weight 40 tn
Year 2007

Equipped with:

  • Electronic hand-wheel
  • Tool charger ATC 40 units.
  • Automatic head UAD 6,000 r.p.m. 0.02° / 0.02°
  • Full enclosure
  • Coolant through the spindle 30 bar
  • Chip conveyor.

Mobile column milling machines

Used ZAYER 30KCU 16000 AR traveling column milling machine

Find below our range of second-hand traveling column milling machines including leading brands in this sector as Zayer milling machines, Soraluce milling machines or Correa milling machines.Renowned brands to which we remain faithful for the good results they provide and which conquer both the national and international scene.

Our experience and track record of 40 years in the market of the milling machines allows us to advise in the best possible way on the acquisition of used machinery of high quality. Used milling machines which have previously undergone a rigorous technical inspection and retrofitting,if needed, to ensure their perfect condition.

Contact us and our team will personally advise you on the most suitable mobile column milling machine to achieve the best results.