Machinery and equipment clearance of a die-maker's in Zamudio (MECATEZ SL)

liquidation company mecatez

In this second post of the year 2021, from CECAMASA we want to announce that we have acquired the company through a bankruptcy process MECATEZ SL. It is a die-maker's company based in the municipality of Zamudio (Bizkaia), famous for its dedication to machining, fine-tuning and testing of dies in the automotive sector.

MECATEZ SL has a long list of assets that we are liquidating in situ from the Basque Country. These assets are divided into two pavilions. In the first pavilion are the heavy machining machines, that is:

In this sense, we want to talk to you in more detail about two of these machines due to their more than remarkable capabilities:


It is a milling machine from the Spanish manufacturer NICOLAS CORREA with more than 70 years of experience in the machine tool manufacturing sector. This particular bridge milling machine is quite new, since its year of manufacture is 2014. It has a longitudinal travel of 5000 mm, 3800 mm transversely and 1250 mm vertically, as well as a distance between columns of 3100 mm. It has a headstock pick-up, a 3000 rpm HURON universal head and a 5000 rpm direct output head. This second-hand milling machine is equipped with a HEIDENHAIN iTNC-530 control, an HR-55 wireless electronic handwheel and a HEIDENHAIN workpiece probe. Likewise, the machine is refrigerated in the cabinet and is equipped with several sets of cones.

It is an ideal milling machine for machining in general, for the tooling sector and even for the railway sector.

We leave you with a small video of this exceptional milling machine hosted on our channel Youtube, to which I take the opportunity to encourage you to subscribe (if you are not already) to keep you informed of our news in used machinery:


TOS VARNSDORF is a reputable machine tool manufacturer based in Varnsdorf (Czech Republic). This company can boast a long career as it was founded in 1903 and has since grown to become a large engineering company. Its horizontal boring machines are known throughout the world.

The 5-axis TOS boring machine that we are liquidating in Zamudio corresponds to the WHN (Q) 13 CNC model of the aforementioned Czech manufacturer. It is a versatile machine with high performance. In fact, it can boring pieces up to 2.5 meters vertically. Its longitudinal travel is 4000 mm and on the Z axis it reaches 1250 mm. Likewise, the diameter of the rod is 130 mm and its travel (W axis) is 800 mm. Complete with a table (axis B) of continuous rotation with a precision of 0.001º. Its speed range reaches 2500 rpm.

This exceptional boring machine is equipped with a HEIDENHAIN TNC 426 control, electronic handwheel, as well as two cast iron squares measuring 2200x700x1000 mm. In addition, it has a lifting platform and coolant supply in the electrical cabinet.

As you will see in this video, all its technical specifications make this machine an ideal boring machine for machining in general, heavy machining and also for the wind sector.

To the extensive list of milling and boring machines detailed above, it would be necessary to add other types of machines such as grinding machines, conventional lathes, compressors and so on, which are also present in this first MECATEZ pavilion.

In the second pavilion, the star machines are the 2 hydraulic presses that MECATEZ used to fine-tune automotive dies: a 500-tonne TIANDUAN YTC34-500 press and a MHG LE 1S DM-100/400 press of 100 tons of force. Both presses are very new, the first is from 2018 and the second from 2017. In fact, taking into account that MECATEZ SL closed its doors in 2019, it could be said that we are talking about semi-new machines.

Now we are going to focus a little more on the TIANDUAN press so that you can get an idea of ​​everything that this machine can offer:


The first aspect to highlight of this hydraulic press is how new it is. It was manufactured in 2017. It has a maximum force of 500 tons and a return force of 200 tons. The dimensions of your work table, a bolster table, are 5500 × 3000 mm. This hydraulic press also has a 100-ton upper cushion with dimensions of 3960 × 1860 mm. This machine, in excellent condition, is equipped with a Siemens PLC, cabinet cooling and is CE marked.

Hydraulic press

In a nutshell, the assets of the MECATEZ company stand out for two main aspects:

First, the machines are in unbeatable condition. There is no dubt that the staff of the company carried out an effective and efficient maintenance of them.

And the second aspect, it is the modernity presented by many of the machines we have mentioned above. For example, the MHG hydraulic press is from 2018 and a CHEVALIER tangential grinding machine is even inventoried, model FSG-1632AD from the year 2019 with just 20 hours of work.

On the other hand, it should be noted that in addition to the machines that we have discussed, the list of assets is considerably expanded if we take into account how well equipped the company was. It had to its credit a myriad of tools and equipment: drills, saws, overhead cranes, compressors, workbenches, durometers, marbles, etc. that we are still inventorying.

If you want to know more about the machines that are in liquidation at the MECATEZ company located in Zamudio (Basque Country), do not hesitate to contact us. Write us an email at or call us at +34 935 730 225 and our sales department staff will inform you in detail.