Grinding machines

Industrial machines used in the machining of parts are known as grinding machines.

In general, grinding is an operation that takes place in those parts which require specific measures and tolerances, in terms of size, geometry or surface finish (roughness, striped directionality, etc.).

There are different types of grinding required for various types of machines.

Then you can view all our references in tangential grinders, cylindrical, universal, as well as centerless grinding machines or centerless.

In our stock of used machines we have a wide range of grinding machines, Among which you can choose the model that best suits their production needs, benefits during the process and profitability.

Our inventory includes brands such as GER, a company based in the Basque Country with more than 60 years of experience in manufacturing precision grinding machines, and also well-known references as HIDROPRECIS, MALCUS or TOS.

They all are machines of high precision and efficiency and guarantee good results in the market of industrial machinery.

If you want to know more about these grinding machines and performance for a wide range of machining operations, please contact us and our team will personally advise you without any obligation.