Universal Grinding machine, for cylinders TOS
Model BEV 100
Distance between centres 5000 mm
Diameter over bed 1000 mm, with steadies type CARDAN: 1500 mm.
Diameter over the bed, working with stone Ø 660 mm 1000 mm
Ø over bed using stone Ø 750 mm 850 mm
Min. diameter to grind 60 mm.
Max. diameter to grind 1000 mm.
Diameter over bed in great support 500 - 650 mm
Diameter over bed in supporting small 150 - 350 mm.
Spindle cone metric 100
Cone tailstock sleeve metric 100
Max. grinding concave and convex length 4000 mm.
Grinding object revolutions 1 min 5 - 50 r.p.m.
Cone spindle-stone 1: 5 Metric 110
Spindle revolutions stone 1 min 435-1330 r.p.m.
Cross movement of the spindle-stone 325 mm.
Translation speed of the hydraulic head holder stone 0.75 m / min.
Longitudinal speed of the carriage, with continuous regulation 0.055 - 1.15 m/min
Transverse motion of the head stone holder during the automatic feed Ø 0.0 -2 mm.
Concavity and convexity of cylinders Ø 2 mm.
Máx. work piece weight 12.000 kgs.
Dimensions 13500 x 4700 mm
Machine weight 40,000 kgs
Completely retrofitted in 2006.

Equipped with:

  • Wheels.
  • 2 sets of steadies of Ø 500 mm
  • 2 sets of steadies of Ø 50 mm
  • 1 steady of Ø 200 mm
  • Several tools and accessories.
Machine available, subject to prior sale.
The data without the obligation, may be changed without notice.


Type: Grinders

Brand: TOS

Model: BEV-100


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