EDM machines

The machining by edm, also known as electrical discharge machining is a process that applies a resistant metal parts, as long as they are electrically conductive, such as those made of steel, titanium and many other metals.

The edm instead of cutting the material melts or vaporizes, resulting in a cut accurately and with little residue formation.

Our wide range of edms consists of machines based on the electrical discharge by penetration and wire.

In our stock we have available EDM machines of national brands such as ONA. A company based in the Basque Country, which claims to be the oldest EDM machine manufacturer in the world, the first of the European Union and one of the most important on the world stage.

Also, we usually have wire-cut EDM machines, of well-known international brands such as MITSUBISHI, which manages to increase productivity through high speed machining and high precision.

For knowing better the benefits and features of our edms in stock or to request a commercial offer, contact us. and our technical staff will advice you on the best machinery to meet up your requirements.