Forklift - Hoists - Cranes

The trucks, cranes and hoists are machines that help lift and move loads. They may have different power lifting and sizes depending on load requirements.

The forklift, also known colloquially as toro in Spain, is a vehicle with two forks used to transport, raise and lower pallets and other loads.

The hoist, meanwhile, is a machine consisting of a mechanism of two or more pulleys and a cable or chain helps to lift a load. Using pulleys minimizes the effort required to move the weight.

There are manual hoists and electric hoists that have an integrated engine for a wide range of lifting work. Within our stock of second-hand hoists you can find brand models AME and FENWICK.

Within our range of cranes, highlight the gantry crane, widely used to lift and move heavy loads in factories linked to the world of steel, the automotive industry and even the cement and paper industry.

Our crane comprises two parallel rails installed on the side of the building with a displaceable beam. In our stock list of new and second-hand industrial machinery, we have cranes of the prestigious brand BRIDGE CRANES.

In addition to trolleys, hoists and bridge cranes, we have hydraulic elevators and manual cranes at your disposal in our stock of second-hand industrial machinery.

If you need more information about our trucks, hoists and cranes, contact us. to advise you personally on the performance of these machines to meet your specific needs in lifting work.