Press brakes

A pressbrake is a machine of sheet metal deformation which serves to deform the metal foil, adopting an angle relative to an axis. To achieve its purpose, a punch exerts a pressure on the sheet which is on a matrix or die.

There are different types of press brake machines, depending on the application and specific needs in the field of machining, we can find manual or mechanical press brake machines, cnc pressbrakes, hydra-mechanical or hydraulic press brakes, among others.

Due to such diversity, it is important to keep in mind when choosing the most appropriate type, factors such as what their application, repeatability, the production capacity or the level of accuracy required in the deformation of sheet metal.

In our inventory we have press equipment of brands like AMADA or KLINSMAN. In our almost four decades of experience in the metallurgical sector, we have seen how our customers have obtained excellent results with the machines of these manufacturers.

We can also put at your disposal our folders within the range of new industrial machinery. In order to access to this information you can visit the new machinery section, where you will find the references of the brand KLINSMAN, brand of which we are official distributors in Spain, Portugal and part of South America.

If you want to know more information or details about our second hand press brakes , do not hesitate to contact us and our team will advise on the most appropriate model for your business.