Saws and circular saws

The band saw is a machine for cutting wood or metals having a flexible toothed metal strip, long and narrow. Such saws are used in woodworking and also in metalwork, being very useful for cutting various materials and especially when working in cutting irregular shapes.

Currently, three types of band sawcould be found at the market: Manual band saw, belt saw semiautomatic and automatic band saw.

Our stock of bandsaws includes brands such as THOMAS, SABI, BEHRINGER, MG, MIDSAM, MEP or KASTO.

Apart from bandsaws, we also have a list of circular saws that you can see below.

A circular saw is an electric tool which is also used for cutting metallic materials. This machine cuts by abrasion through disk which allows both straight and angled cuts on profiles, tubes, etc.

If you want to know the features and capacities of our band saws or circular saws, please contact us. We are happy to put our experience and knowledge on the market of new and second-hand industrial machinery.