The KLISMAN shear is a machine made of welded steel with excellent rigidity and stability. The main parts consist of left and right pillars, clamping board, a working talbe and oil tank.

Upper knife beam: a triangle steel-sheet welded structure with guiding rail plate, blade and back-gauge device.

The blade adjustment is very easy to use, it is carried out through a front wheel indicating the thickness of the sheet to be cut.

The table is equipped with balls to facilate the handling of the sheet.

The machine is fitted with a nitrogen accumulator, which it uses for the return of the blade and damping in the cut.

Machine description

  • Vertical cutting and variable angle shear
  • 4 side blades (up and down)
  • ES21 numerical control - 2 axes (motorised back-gauge and blade tilt)
  • Front wheel for blade clearance
  • Front folding grid
  • 3 front arms
  • Steel ball table
  • Pedal
  • TELEMECANIQUE electrical components
  • Rear safety lights (CE regulation)
  • Cut off light
  • Stroke counter