CECAMASA presents its new catalog of Industrial Machinery


CECAMASA catalogs of second-hand industrial machinery

CECAMASA is a company specialized in the field of Industrial Machinery. Like every year, we would like to show our commitment to the International Fair of Used Machinery, offering the best exhibition space of new and second-hand industrial machinery.

Moreover, we have a new extensive catalog with the main brands of the market currently available at our headquarters. Come to see all the options at our booth B56 in hall 5 of FITMAQ!

Second-hand machining centers

We have a wide range of used machining centers able to perform a variety of machining operations. The machining centers allow multiple machining operations highlighting the production speed and precision. Find below the second-hand models available:

  • DAHLIH MCV 1450. CNC FANUC 18-M. Table: 1600x880mm.
  • LAGUN L-100. CNC HEIDENHAIN iTNC 530. Table: 1070x510mm.
  • KONDIA B-1050. CNC FANUC 21 i – M. Table: 1200x500mm.
  • DAEWOO MYNX 540. CNC FANUC SERIE 21 iM (Digital). Travels: 1020x510x625mm.
  • DAEWOO MYNX 500. CNC FANUC SERIE 21 iM. Travels: 1020x510x625mm.

Second-hand milling machines

The second-hand milling machines are emerging as one of our flagship products. Our extensive experience in the market supports us and allows us to advise in the best possible way on the acquisition of high quality used equipment. Our milling machines have been thoroughly checked by our team of experts to reach the customer in perfect conditions. Below we show our available range of bridge type milling machines, of mobile column, and bed type machines:

  • ZAYER 30 AR 16000 KCU. Brand: ZAYER. Model: 30 KCU AR 16000. Travels: 16,000×1,500×3,500mm. Pick-up head. 45º head (0.001º-0.001º) and d'ANDREA UT5/500 S head. Tool changer of 100 units. Rübenach 10,000 × 2,500 × 300 mm clamping plate. Rübenach 4,000 × 2,500 × 300 mm clamping plate. Peiseler ATU 1600/2500 x 2500 rotary table with a max allowed weight of 20 tons. Chip conveyor.
  • ZAYER KPCU AR 6000 DT. Brand: ZAYER. Model: KPCU 6000 AR DT. Double-table system. Combined table: 6,000 x 2,000 mm. CNC A/B axes 360000 positions each thousandth of a degree in the two bodies. Tool changer 100 units. Coolant through the spindle. 2 chip conveyors.
  • ZAYER 30KF-5000. CNC HEIDENHAIN TNC 426 table: 5000x1000mm. Travels: 4710x1508x2013mm. Automatic head 45 (0.001º - 0.001º). Chip conveyor.
  • NICOLAS CORREA A30 / 40. CNC HEIDENHAIN TNC 426. Table: 4500x1100mm. Travels: 4000x1250x1500mm. Automatic head: 3º-3º.
  • SORALUCE TR-35. CNC HEIDENHAIN TNC 426. Table: 3860x1200mm. Travels: 3500x1200x1600mm. Automatic head 2.5 ° - 2.5 °. ATC 30 tools. Chip extractor.
  • NICOLAS CORREA FP -30/40. CNC HEIDENHAIN 426. Table: 4000x1250mm. Travels: 3500x2300x800mm. Manual HURON head and direct output head. CE standards.
  • SORALUCE TA-35. CNC HEIDENHAIN iTNC 530. Table: 3700x1000mm. Travels: 3500x1200x1250mm. Automatic head: 2.5 °- 2.5 °. Tool changer 20 tools. 2 chip conveyors. Full enclosure. Year 2009.
  • SORALUCE TA-20. CNC HEIDENHAIN TNC 426. Table: 2000x800mm. Travels: 2000x800x800mm. Chip conveyor. Full enclosure.
  • ZAYER 20 KF 3000. CNC FAGOR 8055. Table: 3000x1000mm. Travels: 2710x1204x1004mm.
  • ANAYAK VH-2200. CNC FAGOR 8050 M. Table: 2200×600 mm. Travels: 2000x900x800mm.
  • NICOLAS CORREA CF-22/20 PLUS. CNC HEIDENHAIN TNC 426. Table: 2000x700mm.

Second-hand CNC lathes

See below our range of second-hand CNC lathes available for sale, machines that offer accurate finishes as they are equipped with numerical controls that simplify the operator's work, that also means cost savings for the company. In CECAMASA we have the following available options:

  • GEMINIS GHT5 G2. CNC SIEMENS 810 D. E.P. 4000mm. Max swing over bed 1000mm. Manual turret. Internal cooling. Chip conveyor. 2009.
  • DOOSAN (DAEWOO) PUMA MX 2500 LST - Multitasking - 9 axes. FANUC 18i-TB CNC. E.P. 1520 mm. Max swing over bed 750 mm. Milling head. Motorized turret. ATC 40 units. Chip conveyor. Sets of motorized tools. Year 2007.
  • DOOSAN (DAEWOO) PUMA 300 LB. CNC FANUC 18-T. E.P. 3000mm. Max swing over bed 570mm. Kitagawa chuck.
  • TRAVIS TR-1. FAGOR 8055. E.P. 1000mm. Max swing over bed 450mm. Well equipped.
  • DAEWOO PUMA 400 LMB. FANUC CNC 21iTB. E.P. 2000mm. Swing over bed 700mm. Hydraulic chuck and steady rest of the make SMW Autoblock. Motorized turret. Axis C 100 1/min.

Second-hand shears

The shears belong to the category of sheet metal forming machinery. Within the field of metallurgy, shear is used to cut steel sheets, aluminum or iron of different thickness. Shears can be manual, in that case the up and down movement is carried out by an operator or that movement can be done automatically in that case we are talking of hydraulic shears.

Its way of working is relatively simple because it is based on two blades, one positioned on the table and another located on the slider or on the blade-holder bridge (depending on whether the shearing has throat or not) then they meet and press the surface of the sheet metal until it is separated into two parts.

Below, you can check our range of used shears available for sale:

  • KLINSMAN RPG 3106 hydraulic shear. 3100X6mm. Vertical cut, variable angle and motorized backgauge. Year 2006.
  • Shearing machine with electro-pneumatic clutch. HACO MS3004 3050x4mm. Digital readout backgauge.

Second-hand grinding machines

The industrial machines which are used in the machining of parts are known as grinders. In general, grinding is an operation that takes place in those parts which require specific measures and tolerances, in terms of size, geometry or surface finish (roughness, striped directionality, etc.).

There are different types of grinding required for various types of machines. Below, you can check all our used grinders:

  • GER RHC 1000 universal grinding machine. Distance between centers: 1,000mm. Max grinding diameter: 355mm. Grinding wheel: Ø 400x50x127mm.
  • ESTARTA 301MV centreless grinding machine (3 units). CNC FANUC. Infeed and in-through grinding.
  • GER S-100/50 tangential grinding machine. CNC FAGOR. Travels: 1160x500mm. Grinding wheel: Ø 400x100x127mm. Magnetic chuck of fine pole: 1000x500mm.
  • GER S-60/40 tangential grinding machine. CNC FAGOR. Travels: 660x400mm. Magnetic chuck of fine pole: 600x410mm.

Apart from the machines mentioned in this post, we have other types and models of used machines at our facilities in Parets del Valles (Barcelona) and have recently acquired the following grinders:

  • DANOBAT universal grinding machine. Distance between centers: 1200mm. Max grinding diameter: 350mm. Equipped with HEIDENHAIN digitals.
  • HIDRO-PRECIS TP-55/1250 tangential griding machine. Travels: 1250x690x500mm. Grinding wheel: Ø400x127x50mm. Electromagnetic chuck of 1250x700mm . Balancing grinding wheel. Hydraulic diamond grinder wheel.
  • HIDRO-PRECIS TP-70/1600 tangential grinding machine. Travels: 1790x670x600mm. Grinding wheel: Ø400x127x50 / 100mm. SELTER electromagnetic chuck of 1660x700mm. Balancing grinding wheel. Hydraulic diamond grinder wheel. Regulations and CE certification.

Would you like to see the new catalog of the second-hand machinery of CECAMASA with detailed information? Download it here and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any doubts concerning our second-hand machinery.

New catalog of industrial machinery - CECAMASA 2019