CECAMASA completes the assembly of two bridge milling machines at its facilities

zayer kpcu 6000 ar dt milling machine

Despite the adverse circumstances caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, CECAMASA has not ceased its activity. Adhering to strict security protocols to avoid contagions, our operators have continued to work on the checking, overhauling and commissioning of our machines. As a result of all this effort, our team of highly qualified technicians has assembled two bridge milling machines at our facilities located in the municipality of Parets del Vallès (Barcelona) for a showroom. It is a NICOLAS CORREA FP-30/40 bridge milling machine and one ZAYER KPCU 6000 AR DT bridge milling machine a second hand machine of which we will give you more details, after a brief explanation of what a bridge milling machine is and what it is for.

What is a bridge milling machine?

As many of you already know, a bridge milling machine is a machine-tool of chip removal which is used in the machining of big size pieces. The bridge milling machine has a work table located under the two columns of a bridge where the pieces move along. In that way, the tool can move either vertically or crosswise. There are two types of bridge milling machines: the ones which present a mobile bridge and the ones which have a fixed bridge. In the mobile bridge the table does not move, being the tool the one which makes the movement. However, in the milling machines of fixed bridge the movement is made by the table. In both cases we are talking of robust and versatile marchines.

NICOLAS CORREA FP-30/40 bridge milling machine

The NICOLAS CORREA bridge milling machine that we currently have on display at our showroom belongs to the FP series, undoubtedly one of the most demanded and successful models of the manufacturer of NICOLAS CORREA milling machines. This is the FP-30/40 model, which can work with two heads: the direct output head that reaches 6,000 rpm and a manual HURON 360º head of 3,000 revolutions.

Note that this machine has an extra measurement in the distance between columns, 2,000 mm, with the Y axis travel of 2,300 mm. Likewise, this used bridge milling machine is equipped with numerical control HEIDENHAIN 426.

The machine comes from a tool shop and is in exceptional condition, both mechanically and electronically speaking. It is an ideal milling machine for both the tooling sector and machining in general, for both heavy and large parts. It is a milling machine that perfectly combines robustness with dynamism. We invite you to come over to our facilities and see it under power and see for yourself all its benefits.

ZAYER KPCU 6000 AR DT bridge milling machine

This second-hand milling machine form the ZAYER brand presents high performance, that is why this machine contains in its name the letters "AR" which stand for "Alto Rendimiento" (the Spanish way to say "high performance). And what does it mean? That means it has more motor power, more engine torque and a bigger diameter of the vertical spindle.

But the wonders of this second hand milling machine are more. This ZAYER presents two remarkable aspects: first, it has a head of 0.001 accuracy which reaches 6,000 rpm, and allows to turn the two bodies simultaneously while the spindle is turning (3+2). The second thing to highlight is the fact that the machine is equipped with a double system table: it has two working areas of 3,000x2,000 mm that can work either indepently or combined, that is, a total working surface of 6,000x2,000 mm. This double table system, allows the user a great flexibility and a remarkably agility. Considering the two tables as two independent working areas, the operator can perform the machining on one piece and prepare another one for its finishing in another table. That means savings in time and, as a consequence, saving costs for the company. Just to put it in another words, this milling machine can perform the same tasks as a palletized machine.

In the list of extras of this ZAYER KPCU 6000 AR DT bridge milling machine, also mention that both the X and Y axes are rack and pinion, the machine has internal cooling, it has a 100-tool magazine, 2 chip extractors and it is equipped with a control HEIDENHAIN iTNC-530.

The distance between columns of this bridge milling machine is 2,800 mm, which makes it a very versatile machine for the heavy die sector, but it is also highly recommended for structures and machining in general.

More information

Both the NICOLAS CORREA FP-30/40 bridge milling machine and the ZAYER KPCU 6000 AR DT bridge milling machine are on display in our showroom based in the town of Parets del Vallès (Barcelona). If you want to see them, do not hesitate to contact us by phone at the number +34 935 730 225 or via email by writing to our email cecamasa@cecamasa.com to book an appointment. We will be delighted to show you these bridge milling machines, as well as our large stock of second-hand machinery that also includes bed type milling machines, traveling column milling machines, machining centers, CNC lathes, presses, shears, pressbrakes and a long etcetera of machines in the metallurgical sector. If you have a project and you need to invest in machinery, contact us and we will advise you in the best possible way. And if this pandemic has brought you an economic setback, don't worry, at CECAMASA we can put you in touch with financing experts who will study the feasibility of your project and will propose financial solutions tailored to your needs.