Universal lathes

The universal lathe It is a machine tool that performs turning pieces of metal, wood and plastic.

Turning addition, this machine can be used to make grooves in pieces (what is called slotted), also can perform other functions such as grinding, sanding and cutting pieces mecanizar.El universal lathe has 3 basic movements: the movement of rotation, the feed and penetration. It is highly desirable that the technician who handles around deftly mastered these three movements to shape the piece without making mistakes.

The universal lathe or conventional lathe, Not being equipped with numerical control requires the operator who owns the process having knowledge turning and technical skills to achieve optimal results.

The growing demand for CNC lathes He has moved to universal lathes to the background, but still they have their supporters in the metallurgical market of industrial machinery.

Within our extensive range of universal lathes find reputable brands such as GURUTZPE, AMUTIO CAZENEUVE, STANKO, TORRENT, ABATE, GEMINIS or COLOMBO.

For more information about our universal lathes or he wants us advise you on the machine best suited to your needs, contact us. and our staff will assist you personally to clear all your doubts.