♦ Conoce nuestra selección de máquinas usadas con entrega rápida

Con casi cuatro décadas de experiencia a nuestras espaldas, en CECAMASA hemos aprendido que para subsistir y crecer en un mercado cada vez más competitivo como es el de la […]

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♦ The numerical control lathe: a precise production tool

CNC lathe CECAMASA: Gemini GHT5 G2

CNC lathe, also known as CNC lathe, is one of the star products startup machinery CECAMASA, along with milling machines and machining centers. Plus […]

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Latest acquisitions ♦ Industrial machinery CECAMASA: Milling and hydraulic presses

Planer ZAYER 20 KF-3000

CECAMASA is an established company in the field of industrial machinery, machinery used both in perfect condition and excellent quality new machinery company. Along the […]

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♦ Our experience in equipment versatile, reliable and high-precision milling machines

Our experience and track record of 40 years in the business of milling machines currently allows us to advise our best in the acquisition of these equipment for industrial machinery [...]

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♦ CECAMASA participate in major trade fairs in the metalworking sector in 2018

CECAMASA in the metallurgical sector shows 2018

own 200 square meters of CECAMASA in FITMAQ 2017 In this new entry booth we explain in detail our participation in professional events leading industrial machinery [...]

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♦ new and second-hand high-quality industrial equipment: the key to the success of your company

new and second-hand industrial machinery

CECAMASA is a family business with nearly four decades of experience in the metallurgical sector, helping the sale of new industrial machinery and high-quality second-hand [...]

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♦ CATALOG 2017 Industrial Used Machinery


Click here to see our brochure-2017. We present the catalog of used machine 2017. Involved in your success, we gain your loyalty.

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Large factory in dies and moulds manufacturing, in liquidation.(Click to download brochure) ZAYER KPACU gantry milling machine gantry milling machine AR 5000 RAMBAUDI RAMSPEDD H 4 SL gantry milling machine DYE FPF-2-CN / C [...]

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♦ CATALOG 2016

Click here to view our brochure-2016. We present the catalogue in pre-owned machinery 2016. Hundreds of customers guarantee our professionalism.

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♦ CECAMASA will attend FITMAQ 2017

The biennial fair of Bilbao FITMAQ 2017 will begin June 6,2017 to 8, and we attend as exhibitors with an area of ​​200 square meters to present our new [...]

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