Meet our selection of used machines with fast delivery

With nearly four decades of experience behind us, in CECAMASA we have learned that in order to survive and grow in an increasingly competitive market such as the one of the sale of used machineryis not enough to sell used equipment in good conditions, but used machines to report productivity as if they were brand new at a cost and delivery that your customer perceives as reasonable.

And as you can imagine, achieve this perception in the metallurgical market is not an easy task. That is due to the fact that nowadays the profile of the current buyer is more and more demanding.

In addition, easy access to the Internet and digital technologies makes easier to the customer to have at his disposal more relevant information and data to facilitate the acquisition of a greater number of used machines.

To the circumstances described, we must add that our competition is not limited to a regional or national area, it becomes necessary to compete in the sale of used equipment worldwide.

A team of mechanics capable of solving any kind of repair in used machines.

This scenario requires us to work every day to become more efficient and do not neglect any aspect of our technical service,trying constantly to add value to our customer. In this value chain, we are well aware that our team of mechanics plays a key role.

Our team of tecnicians highly qualified, is trained to perform any repair in machines used by leaving them in perfect condition, either mechanical, electronic, pneumatic or hydraulic.

High precision tools: a technology investment absolutely necessary

It is well-known that even the best teams need to make use of the best tools to perform their tasks successfully. That is why in CECAMASA we not skimp on resources and constantly invest in high precision tools to keep us on the forefront of technology.

An example of this are our tools as the ballbar, laser interferometer, squares or regles precision that allow us to carry out restoration work and installation of machines.

They are all investments that we believe absolutely necessary to continue providing a good customer service. The combination of qualified staff and modern tools allows us to offer solutions to our most demanding customers.

We place the assembly and dismantling of used machines in professional hands and leave them in the best possible conditions. Their geometry is verified, we carry out repairs and/or retrofittingsif they are needed. Similarly, we ensure the safety of the machines during their transportation and subsequent delivery.

To satisfy our customers is our top priority, so, you don't need to worry about our used machinery, since you decide to buy our machinery until it is installed in your business, everything is on us.

Find below a repertoire of images of our latest retrofitting works, in that way you would be able to have an idea of ​​how we work with used machines:

1.Zayer 20KF-3000 bed type milling machine

Fresadora Zayer de bancada fija

2. Zayer 30KMU 6000 travelling column milling machine

Fresadora Zayer de columna móvil

Our customers are not only based in our country, we also have an extensive portfolio abroad. Moreover, we have recently sold a LAGUN GBM 42 milling machine to a customer in Finland.
And now the milling machine looks in that way in the facilities of our Finnish customer.

3. Lagun GBM 42 milling machine at the customer's premises

In addition to the sale of machines for international companies, if our customer requests, we offer the possibility of a turnkey service.

It is an integral solution in which our technical team can move to any part of the geography to perform the installation of the machine purchased by the customer, performing all necessary operations to ensure a quality work, taking over even the foundation if considered necessary.

A quick response is essential in the market used machinery

In our facilities of over 4,000 square meters located on the outskirts of Barcelona, ​​in the municipalities of Parets del Valles and Moncada and Reixach, we have a vast range of machines which allows us to offer the following benefits to our customers:

1.Immediate availability of used machines

Those interested in purchasing used machines can visit us at our facilities to see how we work and see for themselves our stock of machinery available for sale.

2.Fast delivery of used machinery

Given that we have most of the machines used in our facilities, the delivery time is greatly reduced.

As you have seen above, in CECAMASA we have a global vision of the business of second-hand industrial machinery and we leave nothing to chance.

Our goal is to have the largest number of satisfied customers and, of course, gain their loyalty, in that way, when they need to reinvest in used machinery, they think of us as their first choice and trust our professionalism again.

If you want to learn more about how we work or have any doubts about the used machines with fast delivery that best fits your current and future production needs, contact us. Our team in CECAMASA will be more than happy to assist you personally and will answer all your questions.