CNC lathe: a precise production tool

CNC lathe CECAMASA: Gemini GHT5 G2

The numerical control lathe, also known as CNC lathe is one of the star products of CECAMASA's removal machinery, along with milling machines and machining centers. Over forty years of experience and expertise in the field of metallurgy have been essential for the development and optimization of this tool, which has proved to be as efficient as necessary in work environments of industrial machinery.

CNC lathe

The numerical control lathe is the theme of this blog. We had long wanted to tell you about this machine and tool used in the machining of revolution parts whose performance can be highly accurate thanks to its controls which uses a specific software.

In this way a CNC lathe can replace functions and tasks routinely performed by other types of lathes, as parallel lathes, automatic lathes and even vertical lathes. Hence their profitability is based on the type of part needed to be machined and the amount of workpieces in a series.

Discovering the advantages of the CNC lathe

In CECAMASA we deeply know the singularities of the CNC lathe and, therefore, its advantages over a conventional lathe.

  1. Fewer staff. A single operator can manage CNC lathes to be able to control the process being carried out according to the instructions marked.
  2. Greater precision. Unlike the conventional lathe, where the results rely heavily on the operator's skills, the CNC lathes provide greater accuracy in the machining operation of parts.
  3. Suitable for large series of parts. Given its characteristics, the CNC lathe is emerging as the most efficient machine for large series, with the extra advantage of being able to execute more complex geometries than a conventional lathe.
  4. Simultaneous cutting. The CNC lathes can also operate simultaneously with different cutting tools.

A wide range of CNC lathes of CECAMASA

The implementation of CNC lathes in the industry is widely favoring economies of scale. In order to provide the most efficient solutions for each type of industry and company in CECAMASA we have a wide range of references in this type of machine tools, among which stands out the GEMINIS lathe, model G2 GHT5 manufactured in 2009 with a distance between centers of 4.000 mm. Among its technical features, just to name a few: it has a swing over bed 1000 mm, swing over cross slide 680 mm, it is in excellent condition and it is equipped with control unit Siemens 810D, 6 bar cooling plus chip conveyor.

For more details, this video shows its features in a clear way and the high performance and possibilities offered by this machine.

CNC Lathes of CEMACASA: only premium brands

The CECAMASA prestigious career has been possible, among other things, thanks to the quality of the tools and machinery offered, counting on domestic and international brands as well.

Regarding lathes, count on the reliability of Geminis lathes, machine tools produced by Goratu S.A. (Company based in the Basque country with a great tradition in manufacturing lathes since 1957), is one of the strong points in our favor.

Regarding the international market, DAEWOO is one of our flagship brands. Its lathe model of slant bed PUMA 400 LMB 2006 is an exceptional machine produced by DOOSAN MACHINE TOOLSa Korean firm leader in the sector with a production of more than 17,000 machines a year. The capacities of this lathe are remarkable:

  • Distance between centres: 2.000 mm
  • Max turning diameter: 700 mm
  • Maximum over cross slide: 560
  • Spindle hole diameter: 120 mm
  • Equipped with a FANUC 21i-TB CNC
  • SMW Autoblock hydraulic chuck
  • Motorized turret
  • C axis
  • Hydraulic steady rest
  • Inner coolant supply
  • Chip conveyor

To know in depth the benefits of the lathe DAEWOO of slant bed, model PUMA 400 LMB from 2006, you can watch the following video:

If what you are looking for is a CNC lathe of quality but with a more modest performance, our recommendation is to go for the MORI SEIKI Model SL-25B. This is one of the most important references among this Japanese brand, which is internationally popular.

  • 1125 mm distance between centres
  • Max diameter over bed 520 mm
  • Max diameter over cross slide 350 mm and spindle diameter 60 mm
  • Equipped with FANUC CNC
  • Chuck Ø 210
  • Turret of 12 positions
  • Tool pre-setter

CECAMASA, Your expert on CNC lathes

In CECAMASA we are at your disposal. With the most efficient products, but also with the necessary advice to properly choose what kind of lathe, from the numerical control lathe, to Geminis lathe, Gurutzpe lathes or universal lathe... it is the most suitable one for your company in order to optimize efficiency, productivity and adaptation to activity. For any questions, feedback or need advice on numerical control lathes or new industrial machinery and spare parts, please contact us.