Our machining centers and their key advantages

CENTER machining center HERMLE C40U - 0

This time we want to talk about one of the star products of CECAMASA which occupies a privileged position in our catalog of used machinery, along with cnc milling machines and the cn lathes, that is the machining centers.

In this new post we explain in detail the following points:

  1. What is a machining center?
  2. Know the key advantages of machining centers
  3. What are the two main types of machining center?
  4. What is a vertical machining center?
  5. Our range of used machining centers
  6. Our recent acquisition: HERMLE 5-axes vertical machining center

1. What is a machining center?

A vertical machining centre is a machine that has a high degree of automation by using a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) which performs several machining operations that hardly require the intervention of an operator.

The milling machines may be conventional machines or machines equipped with numerical control, however, a vertical machining centre always has a CNC.

The appearance of this machine tool is linked to the implementation of the digital control technology in this type of industrial machinery. And it was designed precisely with the aim of achieving more accuracy of the milling task and more safety, that is why so many professionals in our industry say the vertical machining centre is the machine tool result of technological developments of the milling machine in the field of machining.

But be careful as this statement can lead to confusion, the vertical machining centre not only is able to mill, but it can also perform other tasks such as drilling or threading, and all always guarantee accurate results.

2. Know the key advantages of machining centers

The advantages of using a vertical machining centre are manifold. We thought it might be useful to know the main advantages associated with their applications:

  • They are machines that offer very good finishes thus help improve accuracy of the work done.
  • They are machines which are versatile as they are able to carry out various machining operations on the workpiece.
  • They feature high speed of production and they can perform many operations on the workpiece automatically.
  • They allow great uniformity in the parts they manufacture, so that makes it a very useful machine for series production.
  • As they are highly automated, machining centers increase productivity and require less labor, which turns into significant cost savings for the employer.

3. What are the two main types of machining centers?

There is a wide variety of machining centers according to their size, number of axes or features, etc. However, usually, two types are distinguished:

  • The horizontal machining center

It is a numerical control machine useful for application in large pieces that require several parts machined in its surface.

  • The vertical machining center

They are the most efficient machining centers and the most suitable for manufacturing dies, molds or dice. They are cheaper than horizontal and are characterized by high flexibility. There are centers of 3, 4 or 5 axes. The more axes, the greater mobility of cuts and the greater the complexity of machining tasks that these machines can run.

The vertical machining center with a fourth axis, in addition to the three classic movements of the cartesian axes (X, Y, Z), has the option of the rotation control of the workpiece on either axis, that functionality is particularly advisable to work piece surfaces which have cylindrical shapes.

If the machining center has 5 axes, plus all the options described above, the fifth axis can rotate two axes simultaneously. It also allows to perform the rotation on an axis perpendicular while the workpiece is tilted perpendicularly thereto. Therefore a vertical machining center 5 axis is able to perform highly complex functions.

4. What is a vertical machining center?

There are a variety of models on the market of machining centers vertical allowing both machining large pieces and small, either in small amounts or in large series.

Similarly, the interface work this machine cnc is evolving increasingly handling more simple and intuitive.

The vertical machining center is an option to take into account, given its high performance as well as the cost-benefit offered by the investor in machinery.

5.Our range of used machining centers

In CECAMASA we try to have a large stock of machining centers from reputable brands such as Mazak, DECKEL MAHO, AWEA,KONDIA, HERMLE, etc.

Our centers are equipped with leading numerical control systems such as HEIDENHAIN or FANUC, among others.

Among our recent acquisitions, we would like to highlight one, the vertical machining center HERMLE 5 axes, Model C 40 U, ​​which you can see in more detail below.

6.Our recent acquisition: HERMLE 5-axis vertical machining center

Vertical machining center HERMLE 5-axis

It has an adjustable circular table with a diameter of 700 mm that can support up to 1400 kilos load.

The range of rotation of the table (Axis A) is 135 °, of which, are -110º backward and forward of + 25 ° and the range of rotation (C axis) is 360 °.

The travels of the Cartesian axes X, Y, Z are: 850x700x500mm.

The vertical machining center HERMLE is equipped with a tool magazine with 38 stations and a 850 mm wide chip conveyor.

In addition to our wide range of machining centers, spare parts, we are partners of LAGUN, a renowned manufacturer of milling machines and machining centers of high quality, based in the Basque Country which is a company with a long career in the field of machine-tools.

In our section of new industrial machinery, you can find a wide range of vertical machining centers new ones are right now at your complete disposal.

If you're thinking about buying a vertical machining centre and you have doubts about which one would best suit your current or future production needs, please contact us. Our team will be happy to advise you personally to answer all your questions.