CECAMASA closes the sale and installs a SORALUCE milling machine in Barcelona


During last month of September the team of technicians of CECAMASA has been actively working in the installation and commissioning of a bed type milling machine sold to a company in the province of Barcelona. We are specifically talking about a bed type milling machine SORALUCE TR-35 equipped with HEIDENHAIN control which enlarges the industrial machinery stock list of our customer. A company that provides components to a long list of die manufacturing companies for the automotive industry. As many of you already know, CECAMASA has a wide selection of second hand milling machines in its warehouses located in the municipality of Parets del Vallés (Barcelona). We always try to have in this selection models of brands such as SORALUCE, ZAYER or CORREA. All of them milling machines brands of great prestige, both nationally and internationally, which have always managed to meet fully the expectations of our customers and provide them with solutions to their production needs, no matter how demanding they were.

According to our regular way to proceed, the second hand SORALUCE TR-35 bed type milling machine was previously checked thoroughly by our experts in milling machines before its sale. When CECAMASA purchases a used milling machine, our team of technicians dismantles and checks thoroughly in order to detect if some components need to be repaired or replaced. The geometry of the machine is verified to know its degree of accuracy. We make every effort to ensure that the second hand milling machine presents a good performance and a quality very close to brand new one machine. In this specific case, the bed type milling machine SORALUCE TR-35 was completely checked, the original colors of the manufacturer have been preserved. The painting has not been damaged due to good use and maintenance made by the original customer who bought the machine when it was new. This used milling machine is equipped with automatic head 2.5º-2.5º, chip conveyor and ATC charger 30 tools. It also has a front protection formed by two wide opening doors that enable the operator loading the piece on the table of the milling machine


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