CECAMASA closes the sale of a plate bending machine in South America

casanovas plate bender

The team of CECAMASA comes back to work after summer holidays. In CECAMASA we finished the month of July by closing the sale of a SERTOM-CASANOVAS 4-roll hydraulic bending machine with a client from South America. In fact, during these weeks of August the plate bender has traveled overseas in container to its destination. It is a large used plate bender with a maximum bending length of 3050 mm and a bending capacity of 50 mm. A machine equipped with control for the benders, hydraulic L-rafter and lateral supports.

The logistics process which involves the shipping of this machine or any other machine of a certain size is not easy. And if this machine is shipped abroad there are additional risks as the journey is longer. That is why it is vital to know how to carry out the loading, in that way, during the manipulation of the machine, it will not not suffer any damage and to guarantee that it willl arrive safe and sound at destination.

Our team of technicians has a vast experience in this field and they care along the whole process by taking all the necessary precautions. For this purpose they carry out a study of the machine to be immobilized. Many aspects have to be taken into account: from the dimensions and weight of the load, the type of transport tha is going to be used, mooring angles, the friction factors and so on. Nothing can be left to chance. The machine must be supported using the means or elements that are necessary to prevent and avoid blows, displacements, friction, etc. In the specific case of the above-mentioned bending machine, the biggest challenge its load presented was due to the weight of 52 tons of the body of the machine.It was necessary to use a special Mafi team for its transport.

Find below a few photos of the loading process of the above-mentioned bending machine. In that way, you will see for yourselves, the great job made by our mechanics:

CECAMASA: vast experience in exporting machines

Although in CECAMASA we have a large portfolio of domestic clients, we do not neglect the international sphere either. We have sold machining centers to clients in Argentina, moving column milling machines to Mexico, cnc lathes with inclined bed to Turkey, and thus a long list of machines and countries. Experience that supports us and that speaks for itself. Despite the difficult times we are going through, we are delighted to see that companies around the world are struggling to get ahead. And it is that adversity manages to bring out our most creative side. There is a Galician saying that says that need teaches more than university and perhaps popular wisdom is right again. So we are especially proud of this latest sale of a bending machine to South America in such current difficult times.

CECAMASA: balance of the first semester of 2020

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic especially suffered during this second trimester of this turbulent 2020 have meant without any kind of doubt a setback in the economic activity of the companies. Unfortunately CECAMASA has not been an exception. However, after implementing the due security protocols stablised by regulations, our team of mechanics has not been interrupted its daily work in the workshop. It was necessary to meet the deadlines of the orders comitted before the lockdown. And now we are in the called "new normality", the statistics of the sector are not very optimistic. In fact, the president of the AFMEC (the Spanish Association of Contract Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering), Mr Alberto Perez outlines for an interview made by Metal Industry that according to his estimates: "commercial activity in the national market is 65% of normal and in the international market is 40%." In CECAMASA we trust that the sector, despite the current situation, will be able to reverse the damage suffered and return to a more optimistic scenario.

In this sense, CECAMASA has proposed to help the business fabric and the self-employed by making available capital equipment renting financing. In this way, we intend to contribute our grain of sand so that business projects are not paralyzed for a purely economic issue. We recommend that you read our July post "Machinery renting, an attractive alternative to buying” to learn more about this topic.

More information

We remind you that in CECAMASA we have a large inventory of second-hand machinery. The milling machine (either in its mode of bed type milling machine , bridge milling machine, traveling column milling machine), the vertical machining centre and the cnc lathe are the star machines in our inventory. Not in vain we are specialists in these families of machines, although we have shears, folding machines, presses, saws, drills, grinding machines and a long list of used machines with excellent performance. If you want more information, do not hesitate to contact us. Write us an email at cecamasa@cecamasa.com or call us at +34 935 730 225 and our team will answer all your questions.