CECAMASA sells a DAEWOO MYNX 540 machining center in Barcelona


During the last weeks, our team of technicians have been working thoroughly on the overhaul of a second-hand vertical machining center sold to a company based in Barcelona. It is a DAEWOO machining center model MYNX 540 equipped with FANUC control which increases the number of machines of our customer. An industrial supply company with over 80 years of experience in the market. The key of its success lies in combining technology and experience, as they have their own engineering department. We feel really honored that companies with such a proven track record in the market place their trust in us. But it comes as no surprise, as in CECAMASA we have a vast selection of second-hand machining centers in our warehouse placed in the city of Parets del Vallés (Barcelona). Within our selected range we have models of brands such as LAGUN, KONDIA, AWEA, DECKEL MAHO or DAEWOO. All of them brands of machining centers of great prestige, in the domestic market as well as in the international one.


Daewoo is a Korean brand which is well-known in the segment of economical machinery of great performance. In the specific case of the DAEWOO MYNX 540 machining center we would like to highlight the fact that, although it presents a longitudinal traverse of 1,000 mm, the table area achieves 1,200 mm. Taking into account that plus the fact that the Z-axis travel is 625 mm, we are in front a machine that does not present the standard 500 mm in vertical. Its 8,000 rpm and its internal coolant supply, make this machine a very versatile and useful machine, especially for the mold and die sector of small size. Moreover, this second-hand machining center has a RANDOM tool changer of 24 units and it is equipped with a numerical control FANUC 21 iM digital.


Sticking to our usual plan of tasks, the DAEWOO MYNX 540 machining center has been previously checked thoroughly by our team of experts before proceeding with its sale. When in CECAMASA we buy a used machining center, our team of mechanics dismantles and checks it carefully in order to detect if a spare part needs to be repaired or replaced. Further to that diagnose, the needed actions are carried out and, of course, the geometry of the machine is tested to determine the degree of accuracy. All these steps are followed with the pursuit of ensuring that the second-hand machining center has the best possible quality, the closest to a new machining center. In this specific case, at mechanical level in this DAEWOO MYNX 540 machining center the bearings have been changed in all the axes,the spindles have been prestressed, the screw balls have been replaced and the turcite of the bed ways has been adjusted. All of it has been done in order to achieve correct accuracy degrees. Furthermore, the machine has been cleaned and painted and it looks as you can see in the below picture.


For further information about our range of second-hand machining centers, contact us. Write us an email to ventas@cecamasa.com or phone us at +34 935 730 225. We will be delighted to answer all your questions and we will advice you on the best possible way.