Wide selection of bed type milling machines in CECAMASA

bed type milling machine

What is a bed type milling machine?

The Institute of Educational Technologies (ITE) defines bed type milling machine as a machine for machining by chip removal which can perform any kind of machining. Its main parts are: fixed bed, arm, upright or motorised bridge and table.

In the case of the bed type milling machine, the head moves up and down along the column. The table, however, only moves along the bed in its entire width.

In CECAMASA we have a wide selection of second hand bed type milling machines equipped with numercial control (cnc). Our inventory has prestigious brands such as ZAYER, SORALUCE, NICOLAS CORREA, LAGUN or ANAYAK.We are going to talk in further detail about the three bed type milling machines of our second-hand stock wich are in the state of immediate delivery.

Second-hand ZAYER 30 KF-5000 milling machine

In CECAMASA were experts in the brand Zayer. Zayer is a company based in Vitoria-Gasteiz with a long proven track record in the field of the machine tool of high performance. Zayer manufactures bed type milling machines, travelling column milling machines, gantry milling machines and milling centers. Zayer defines itself as "a company which guarantees machining solutions of high added value, technological and high quality".

Currently, we have in stock a ZAYER 30KF-5000 bed type milling machine. CECAMASA has carried out a thorough overhauling of that machine. Our team of highly qualified technicians has checked all the mechanic and electronic parts of this milling machine. They also have polised the covers, have replaced the polycarbonates and painted the machine.

The travels of this bed type milling machine are 4710 mm in the X-axis, 2013 mm in vertical and 1508 mm in cross. This exceptional machine presents a numerical control HEIDENHAIN TNC-426. It has an automatic head of 45 degrees with 0.001 positioning with twist of the two bodies simultaneously along with the spindle. The spindle reaches 3,000 rpm. In spite of being a bed type milling machine, it presents travels of a travelling column, but it does not require the foundation of a travelling column milling machine. Moreover, it has a chip conveyor. Find below a video where you can see the machine working under power:

Used SORALUCE TA-35 bed type milling machine

Along with Zayer, Soraluce is another leading brand in technology of milling. That comes as no surprise as Soraluce is part of one of the most relevant business group of machine tool in Europe: Danobatgroup. The Soraluce milling machines stand out for its realibility and high performance. It is a company wich works hard for being always at tech avant-garde and owns several patents which endorse its spirit of innovation.

Right now we have three Soraluce milling machines in our inventory: a Soraluce TA-20 bed type milling machine, a Soraluce TA-A20 bed type milling machine and one Soraluce TA-35 bed type milling machine. Although you can find detailed information about all of them in our website, in this occasion we would like to focus on the Soraluce TA-35 milling machine.

It is a bed type milling machine from 2009, which presents a longitudinal travel of 3500 mm, a cross travel of 1200 mm and a vertical one of 1250 mm. It has an automatic head of 2,5-2,5 degrees and the spindle reaches 3,000 rpm. It is a second-hand milling machine with some very attractive extras: tool changer of 20 units, internal and external coolant supply, 2 chip conveyors, paper filter, full enclosure and electronic hand-wheel, model Heidenhain HR 410. Find below a video of the machine and you will see for yourselves its capacities:

Used Nicolas Correa A30/40 bed type milling machine

In today's post apart from talking about Zayer and Soraluce, we cannot forget Nicolas Correa. Another great manufacturer of milling machines, which designs and produce entirely its machines in Spain. Nicolas Correa Sa company has been listed on the Madrid Stock Exchange for over 30 years and it has a wide commercial network and technical service at international level.

Currently we have at CECAMASA's premises a Nicolas Correa milling machine: the Nicolas Correa A30/40 milling machine, of which we are going to go through now.

We will begin by telling you that the series A30 of the brand NICOLAS CORREA is characterised by being a very robust and reliable machine. The A30/40 model presents 4000 mm of X-axis travel, 1500 mm Z-axis travel and 1250 in Y-axis travel. Those travels make this second hand milling machine ideal for sectors such as the one of the casting, the sector of metallic structures, machine shops and machining in general.

The bed type milling machine CORREA A30/40 has an automatic head and a central support in the table with T-slots. This support allows staking pieces in the side of the table without taking up space in the work table.

Our team of mechanics has pre-tensed the spindles, checked the proper functioning of the automatic head in the two bodies, checked the lubrication system, adjusted wedges to the fall of the ram, revised the guidelines, polished the telescopic covers and painted the machine.

More information

In this post we have talked about three models of bed type milling machines, but the stock of CECAMASA is much wider. We invite you to visit our website and know all our models of second-hand bed type milling machines available for sale. And if you want to know more about those second-hand machines, please do not hesitate to contact us. Drop us an email at cecamasa@cecamasa.com or call us on +34 935 730 225 and we will inform you in further detail.