The mandrinadoras machine tools are used for machining holes cubic pieces that require a good quality finish.

This type of industrial machines consist of a base plate on a turntable, where the pieces to be machined and be a column in which the powerhead, which rotates the screw where barrinas boring fastened moves are fixed.

In operation mandrinado a number of aspects must be considered such as cutting speed, rotation speed, the forward or machine power, among other important factors influencing the machining process.

In our inventory we have boring equipment Brands accredited as SORALUCE, JUARISTI and PEGARIBERICA.

Similarly, if you are considering the purchase of new machinery starter in this category we have an extensive range of madrinadoras, you can consult in our section new industrial machineryWhere you will find detailed and extensive information on the great brand JUARISTI.

If you want to learn more about our boring machine available or us advise on the performance of these machines, please contact us to achieve the model bring you the best performance.