The highest level of development - 4HEL


Four roll plate bending rolls are considered as the most versatile, precise and easy to use plate roll.

The rear lateral roll, opposite to the feeding side, can be used as a back gauge for immediate plate squaring, resulting in very easy plate alignment and “one man operation”.

After the plate is squared, it is always securely clamped between the top and bottom central pinch rolls, therefore pre-bending and rolling operations are safe and precise without the risk of the plate slipping.

The pre-bending operation does not require the plate to tilt below the feeding level (as with traditional 3 roll machines), therefore horizontal motorized roller tables can be used to further improve the Introduction of the plate between the rolls.

The cylinder can be rolled to the diameter needed, immediately after the pre bending of the leading edge. This means that the machine needs less valuable workshop space, as an area for plate feeding is on one side of the machine only. ( See diag. at top of this page.)

The bending of the trailing edge is carried out after the cylinder is rolled. Basically, cylinders can be rolled in one pass, in one direction.

Cone rolling is much easier, the side rolls are tilted to determine the cone angle and the central lower roll can also be tilted to clamp and drive the plate.

Because of the guaranteed clamping and driving of the plate during all the phases of the rolling process, The four roll machine is the only plate rolling technology that can be controlled effectively through NC and CNC systems.

The perfect machine for plate up to 6 ins thickness.