Bending machines of 3 rolls - HAV

hav schema

An unbeatable combination of rolling power and pre-bending precision is guaranteed, by the HAV series of plate rolls.

• All three rolls move. The top roll moves vertically while the two lower rolls can move horizontally, each one independent from the other. This special design makes it possible to adjust the distance between the bending points according to production needs, the same principle as a press brake with variable V dies.

• Optimal plate drive is guaranteed by the capability to reduce to a minimum the distance between the lower rolls. Minimizing the roll centres also results in optimum pre-bending capabilities, with significantly reduced length of flat end. Plate drive and pre-bending quality are equivalent to what is achievable with the most expensive four rolls design machines.

• The bending power obtainable, when increasing the distance between the bending rolls, is enormous so that with a minimum investment it is possible to have heavy duty plate rolls.

• The special design results in a reduced working height because the cylinders moving the lower rolls are positioned horizontally. Therefore no foundations are required even for machines with bending capacities over 1-1/2 ins.

• The pre-bending process with the HAV series is very fast and safe, the plate is inserted horizontally and not angled, typical with traditional three roll machines. This allows the use of idle or motorized roller feed tables and plate centring systems.

• The world famous patented EPS electronic balancing system is installed as standard on all the machines in the HAV series, this guarantees the rolls will always be parallel, with a tolerance of 0.2mm (.008”) and will never be affected by mechanical wear and tear.

• Ideal for medium and heavy duty rolling requirements, the HAV plate rolls are for certain the most advanced three roll bending machines available on the world market.