Recent acquisitions of industrial machinery in CECAMASA: Milling machines and hydraulic presses

Planer ZAYER 20 KF-3000

CECAMASA is a solid company in the sector of industrial machineryBoth used machinery in perfect condition as in new machinery of excellent quality. Throughout the nearly forty years of activity in the metallurgical sector we have managed to adapt to market trends and needs, nationally and internationally.

In this new blog entry we would like to show some of the new additions to our machinery. As a result of the acquisition of two new workshops in the area of ​​Catalonia and the selective purchase of several industrial machines, our stock of used machinery has been substantially increased since our last post. Therefore, the aim of this new post is to show some of these references, especially those for milling machines and presses.

We would like to outline the fact that all our machines have been checked by our professional team of technicians and they are ready for immediate delivery.

Bed type, gantry and mobile column milling machines

CECAMASA currently has more than half a dozen bed type milling machines of well-known brands such as ZAYER, CORREA, SORALUCE and MTE. The high versatility and performance of those top brand milling machines offer a wide range of applications to the companies of the sector of industrial machinery.

In our previous blog post, entitled "Our experience in versatile, reliable and high-precision equipment of milling machines" we talked extensively about our milling machines, especially two large ZAYER:

  • The Zayer KPCU 6000 AR DT a bridge milling machine with a double table system of high performance and high precision for the production of large components. Equipped with a control unit Heidenhain iTNC 530, handwheel Heidenhain HR 410, CNC milling heads axis A / B, internal cooling through the spindle, a tool changer of 100 units, KNOLL cooling system and two chip conveyors.

  • The Zayer 30 KCU 16000 AR, a mobile column milling machine with longitudinal travel of 16.000 mm, cross travel of 1,500 mm and vertical travel of 3,500 mm. Equipped with pick-up head, with handwheel Heidenhain HR 410, tool changer of 100 units, KNOLL cooling system, chip conveyor and a Heidenhain iTNC 530 control unit which allows working with large metal parts.

To the above-mentioned list of excellent Zayer machines, it should be added the acquisition of two bed type milling machines de la marca CORREA: la CORREA A30/30, con unos recorridos en X de 3.000 mm, en Y de 1.200 mm y en Z de 1.040 mm. Equipada con un CNC HEIDENHAIN iTNC-426 PB. Y la fresadora CORREA A30/40, With 4,000 runs in X, Y and Z 1,250 of 1,500 mm. These new additions add to our range of milling existing fixed bed composed of other models of the brand SORALUCE, which are also talked about in our previous post last blog.Por, we want to emphasize in the section used industrial machinery incorporating ZAYER 20 KF-3000A revised and painted router currently looks like new. In the pictures you can see with your own eyes the great work done by our technical and mechanical team.

used industrial machinery Milling ZAYER 20 KF-3000

LOIRE SAFE and MUNARRIZ hydraulic presses

The hydraulic presses are part of our wide range of industrial machines and are ideal to carry out heavy work or manipulate certain materials. This type of presses are equipped with everything needed for reliable and fast mechanical pressing in sectors such as automotive or agricultural.

In CECAMASA currently have two hydraulic presses of the prestigious brand LOIRE SAFE, The largest Spanish manufacturer of hydraulic presses. These models 125 and 500 Tn respectively. We also have hydraulic presses national brand MUNARRIZ.

It is important to know that LOIRE SAFE was acquired by Loire Gestamp in 2011 a benchmark company in the manufacture of automobile components with nearly 100 plants worldwide and which uses hydraulic presses LOIRE to produce parts which are able to meet the high standards of the automotive industry. MUNARRIZ, meanwhile, is a producer of presses based in Navarra with over 20 years of experience that backs its presence in this field and the quality of their machines.

If this article has aroused your curiosity about our range of products, new and used, and you want to know more, contact us and our professional team of technicians will be more than happy to help you.