Information about the used SORALUCE TA-25 A fixed bed milling machine

SORALUCE is the most important machinery manufacturer nationwide. He has more than 50 years of experience and is part of DANOBATGROUP,one of the most relevant business groups on the European scene.

In fact, SORALUCE manufactures any type of milling machine: bed type milling machine, milling machine gantry, brige type milling machine or travelling column milling machine.

The SORALUCE TA-25 fixed bed milling machine A that we currently have in inventory, presents all the possible extras that a milling machine with these characteristics can have. That is, it has an automatic head with a precision of 2.5º-2.5º. It has a perimeter fairing that covers the entire machine, so that it prevents all the shavings and coolant from splashing onto the operators or ending up outside the machine. Likewise, this second-hand SORALUCE TA-25 A milling machine has a chip collector, internal cooling, paper filter tank, measurement probe and also a control HEIDENHAIN 530.

Our technicians are very knowledgeable about SORALUCE, since this brand has always had a prominent place in our machinery park. We have had different models, both the TR series and the FR series, etc.

Technical characteristics of the second-hand SORALUCE TA-25 A fixed bed milling machine

Table:2700 x 1000 mm
X-axis traverse:2,500 mm
Y-axis traverse:1200 mm
Z-axis traverse:1250 mm
Head:Automatic 2.5º-2.5º
Spindle taper:ISO 50
Spindle speed:15-4.000 r.p.m.
Main spindle motor power:24 kw
Equipped with:
Electronic handwheel:HEIDENHAIN HR-410
Paper filter diposit:AND
Coolant supply equipment:Yes
Chip conveyor:Yes
Full enclosure:Yes
Measuring probe:Yes

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Type: Bed type milling machine


Model: TA-25 A



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