Hydraulic Press brakes

The main components of the press brake of KLINSMAN are fabricated in welded steel plates, featuring high strength, good rigidity and it is lightweight.

The frame consists of left and right vertical side braces, working table, oil tank, etc., which are welded together. The working table is located at the lower part of the left and right vertical side braces. And the oil tank is at the top of the machine.

Ram synchronization during the stroke is controlled by a mechanical forced synchrony system, which is simple in structure, reliable in operation and easy in maintenance. This system consists of two telescopic arms which seek to compensate the parallelism between the ram and the press brake table.

The motor, pump and valves are all in the oil tank. To ensure the cylinder is always full of oil when the ram moves down fast, and feeding valve is used to speed up the ram travel so as to save energy.

Machine description

  • E21 numerical control - 2 axes
  • Pedal
  • Front bars for better support of the piece and millimeter bars with front stop
  • Side and rear protections of polycarbonate and sheet metal
  • TELEMECANIQUE and SCHNEIDER electrical components
  • The punch and multimouth die are mde of first class steel