Floor type hydrostatic boring mills MP-RAM Series

Serie MP-RAM

Floor type boring milling machines with hydrostatic guides.

  • » Moving column Floor type boring mill MP5RAM
  • » Moving column Floor type boring mill MP6RAM
  • » Moving column Floor type boring mill MP7RAM
  • » Moving column Floor type boring mill MP9RAM
  • » Moving column Floor type boring mill MP10RAM

All structural components are made of grey and nodular cast iron and all axes are hydrostatic with large hardened and ground guides.

Hydrostatic guiding has a continuous oil film that avoids the direct contact, reducing drastically the friction coefficient and making possible extraordinarily smooth movements, achieving high accuracies even in very heavy machines.

There are 3 automatic compensation systems : column vertical position, headstock centre of gravity and bending of the RAM.

X axis has a rack-pinion system with 2 motors and 2 pinions for backlash elimination, while Y axis has a fixed ball screw with rotary nut, able to reach rapid feed movements without vibrations.

Thanks to the big travels, X up to 40.000 Y up to 8000 Z+W up to 3400 and spindle drive 100 kW in combination with the rotary tables up to 175 ton capacity, very big size and complex workpieces can be machined in just one set up.

As in rest of models, a wide range of attachments can be used as automatic milling- facing heads, probes, ATC, AAC, rotaty tables, etc turning into a multitask boring-machining centre with up to 10 or more controlled axes.