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Lagun machining center

Within the wide selection of used machinery CECAMASA, machining centers are always present. Along with milling machines - whether they are bed type milling machines, bridge milling machines or traveling column milling machines - and the numerical control lathes, the machining centers have a prominent position in our machine inventory. In today's post we are going to talk about the machining centers of the LAGUN brand. The word LAGUNmeans "friend" in Basque. Honoring this name, the machining centers of this Basque brand are emerging as the best ally to the machining processes of any company. Not in vain LAGUN machining centers are characterized by their great rigidity and by their compact as well as their ergonomic design.

The company LAGUN MACHINERY SL as such was established in 2005 in Vitoria (Álava). However, its origins go back to 1928 when at that time it was called "LADISLAO ARAMBURU". Almost a century of dedication to the design of machines for sectors such as aeronautics, the automotive sector, the die-cutting sector, just to name a few. Currently, the company LAGUN MACHINERY SL is part of the MAHER HOLDING group, a conglomerate of companies focused on the world of machine-tool which has set itself the main objective of offering simple solutions for an increasingly complex and demanding market.

CECAMASA has in its facilities located in the municipality of Parets del Vallès (Barcelona) two second-hand LAGUN L-1000 machining centers, which we will talk about below, as well as an L-1600 machining center (new machine) on display at the showroom.

Used LAGUN L-1000 vertical machining center (Year 2014)

This LAGUN L-1000 machining center is a modern machine, manufactured specifically in 2014, which is in excellent condition. The dimensions of the work table are 1070 × 510 mm and the maximum allowed weight are 700 kilos. Its travels are 1030 mm on the X axis, 530 mm on the Y axis and 540 mm on the Z axis. It also has a numerical control HEIDENHAIN iTNC 530 and it is equipped with a RANDOM 24-tool charger, chip conveyor and SCHENEIDER climate control equipment in the electrical cabinet. It is also prepared for a fourth axis. This second-hand machine stands out for its robustness and, above all, for its agility in axle translation, reaching 8,000 rpm. But as an image is worth a thousand words, we leave you with a video of the machine under power so that you can see for yourself the capabilities of this machining center:

Used LAGUN L-1000 Vertical machining center (Year 2011)

Convinced of the good results offered by this brand, in CECAMASA we have in inventory another LAGUN L-1000 vertical machining center. In this case it is a machine which dates from 2011 and with the same technical specifications described in the previous section. Then we also leave you with a video of the machine that is hosted in our YouTube channel, which I encourage you to subscribe to keep up to date with our news on used machinery.

LAGUN L-1600 machining center on display in our showroom (new machine)

If instead of second-hand machinery, you decide to invest in a new machine and you are looking for a larger machining center, you cannot miss the LAGUN L-1600 machining center that we have on display at the showroom of CECAMASA. In our post titled "CECAMASA exhibits a LAGUN L-1600 machining center in its facilities" you will find all the information related to this option. Emphasize that this is a machining center equipped with the latest version of numerical control from the prestigious brand HEIDENHAIN, the HEIDENHAIN TNC-640, and whose spindle reaches a speed of 8,000 rpm in its standard version, although the customer can choose to increase that speed to 10,000, 12,000 or even 15,000 rpm depending on their production needs. In fact, the model exhibited in the CECAMASA showroom reaches 10,000 rpm.

LAGUN L1600 machining center - CECAMASA

More information

If you want more details about these LAGUN machining centers, write us an email at or call us at +34 935 730 225 and we will inform you in detail. If this pandemic has taken its toll on you economically, don't worry. At CECAMASA we can put you in contact with financing experts who will propose financial solutions adapted to your needs.