has been the undisputed world leader for years in designing, manufacturing and selling plate bending rolls, section bending rolls, dishing and flanging lines for large dome ends.

The company was founded in the 1960's, soon specializing in the manufacture of heavy duty bending rolls. A remarkable tendency towards technological innovation and continuous investment in research and development, rapidly brought FACCIN the reputation for offering outstanding quality, reliability and state of the art rolling solutions, and in a short time became the reference point for rolling technology.

The production of machinery is centered at Visano (Brescia),in the Industrial north of Italy.
Here the FACCIN srl. factory covers an area of 60.000 sq.m. (645,000 sq.ft.). 15,000 sq.m. (161,000 sq.ft.) used for production and 1,250 sq.m. (13,000 sq. ft.) of office space.

Expansion plans to be completed in summer 2007 will expand the production space to almost 200,000 sq. ft.

The continuous investment in new equipment, allows FACCIN to be involved in ALL aspects of production of their machines, not just assembly of outsourced component parts, but the construction of these parts. From the construction of the electro welded structures and machining of these structures to the machining of the forged rolls. Such organization guarantees that FACCIN have direct control over all the production processes, monitoring each step ‘in house’ guaranteeing total quality assurance.

The FACCIN internal design office works on a modern network with the latest versions of 2D and 3D CAD software, using finite elements methods (FEM) for the structural dimensioning . The management of production, orders, design, construction, machining, heat treatment, stock and assembly, is all fully computerised with a modern enterprise resource planning software (ERP2) installed on the whole company network. The organisation is directed by ISO 9000 registered procedures.

Conjuntamente con la adquisición de nuevos sistemas de generación y producción, FACCIN ha invertido mayores recursos internos en I+D. Esta actitud proactiva dio la posibilidad de presentar al mercado mundial la primera línea completa de curvado de chapa con sincronización electrónica del eje de curvado (MCS), entonces en 1988 el control numérico gráfico más avanzado (CNC-PGS) y en 1993 la más avanzada solución FMS para el curvado completo con robots de carga y descarga y control constante del radio de curvado con compensación automática de los parámetros de curvado.

The integration of, design of customised applications to the after sales support, through a network of sales and technical centres specialising only in bending rolls offers the most complete and highest standard of service, resulting in FACCIN being the ideal partner to solve any bending roll requirement and the supplier to choose for the third millennium.